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Designer (Part Time)

Join our talent incubator and get involved in designing the next generation of products for 3 Sided Cube. We’re looking for a gifted individual with a flair for design, UX, and all things creative.

Cube Academy designer role

Kick-start your career in design

Cube Academy is a start-up from 3 Sided Cube focused on developing products that have an impact on millions of people’s lives. We’re looking to build a team of designers and developers to build products and gain experience while they study at uni or college.

Who's it for?

You’ll be in education, be it uni, college or sixth-form and have a strong digital design portfolio. The more availability you have the better, but you’ll need at least eight hours a week free.

We’re looking for people that love design, like we love design. Like in sport the younger you start and the more hours you train, the better. You will have been designing for years, ideally starting before your teenage years. You should know your way around digital design tools and be a creative problem solver.

What is Cube Academy?

Cube Academy is a talent incubator, created to help those with heaps of talent to progress in the industry and gain experience in the workplace. You may have done a fair bit of digital design work and have a strong portfolio, but our mission is to push you to new heights, designing products and experiences from concept to launch.

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What you'll get:

  • FlexibilityYour studies come first, so we work your hours around your education. We understand that when you have big deadlines you’ll be available fewer hours but when you are not studying we will give you additional tasks and time.
  • Mentoring – Most people that go through this program have amazing skills that just need honing and guiding to take them to the next level.
  • Confidence – This is a big thing, we will help to build your confidence and belief in yourself, your opinions and your ideas. Helping you to have a stronger voice and the conviction to push your ideas through.
  • Team – Cube Academy is about being surrounded by talented individuals that you can work with, bounce off and trust.

We’re looking for you to start now

When: Available ASAP.
Type: Part-time, internship, placement and apprenticeship.
Where: You need to be based within travelling distance of the Bournemouth area. The initial part will be in our Bournemouth office after that remote work will be available.
Salary: Hourly waged based on skills.


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Published on January 18, 2019, last updated on May 10, 2019