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Culture at Cube: a Weekend to Remember

With summer fast approaching and a few recent wins to celebrate, the team headed out to the Tiverton, Devon, for our annual team-building weekend away. From nurdle hunting and laser tag to the very first CubeChella festival, here are the highlights.

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Nurdle Hunting with The National Trust

A year to celebrate at 3 Sided Cube

How can anyone define culture? The reality is that it’s your team that shape your culture and trying to force it will just leave more people unhappy than happy.

One thing we’ve done at Cube for the last few years is Cube Weekend Away; a chance for the team to get out of the office environment and spend a few days relaxing in the sun and getting to better know each other.

With a bunch of new starters joining the team and launching a new project to combat global deforestation; we had a lot to celebrate this year.

Nurdle Hunting with The National Trust

In typical Cube fashion, we spend a day of our weekend away helping to solve a problem we’re passionate about; plastic pollution.

We teamed up with a member of The National Trust to learn about and collect nurdles,Β (tiny particles of plastic that serve as raw materials in the production of plastic goods), across the beach at Woolacombe Bay.

While this type of plastic may not seem like a world-changing issue in the face of other catastrophes like the ocean garbage patches, these plastics absorb pollutants and become both toxic and delicious for the wildlife that lives in our seas and on our beaches.

Introducing the CubeChella festival

In a CWA first, we ran a mini-festival we’ve coined ‘CubeChella’.

Full of everything you’d expect from your favourite festival (be it on a smaller scale), including branded wristbands, a live band and food stands galore.

With our back end team lead Adam and his incredible band providing entertainment for the evening, we had a blast drinking, dancing and chatting the night away while listening to some old classics and new tunes.

Including a special cover of Baggy Trousers for the very special 21st birthday of junior project manager Poppy.

CubeChella Festival

Midnight laser-tagging

In what felt like the middle of nowhere, we played a 20 person game of laser tag. With two teams battling it out to become the new Cube laser tag champions (not that we had one before).

With the weather taking a turn for the worst, the team braved it out in the cold, wet and dark forest, teaming up to run around with lasers pretending we’re staring in the next Star Wars film.

A few trips, skips and falls later and our group of muddy Cubes returned back to basecamp to continue the celebrations.

CWA Team Laser Tag

Looking back at Cube Weekend Away 2019

As team building events go, this year’s Cube Weekend Away has gone down a treat, between hot-tubbing, festivalling and laster tagging, it’s safe to say that our team have fully recharged their batteries and are ready to get back to championing tech for good.

Here’s to another year at 3 Sided Cube and we’ll literally be counting down the hours until next years CWA and the much-anticipated return of the CubeChella festival.

Passionate about using tech for good?

We’re looking for a PHP Developer to join the team and help us champion tech for good, check out the role and be part of our next CWA adventure.

Published on June 18, 2019, last updated on June 18, 2019

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