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Design Inspiration: Four Beards One Pencil. Vol. 7

In this volume of Design Inspiration, we feature Mini’s new longboards, North Korea’s missile reach as well as behind-the-scenes footage of the Bladerunner 2049 movie set and more! Check out seven of the internet’s coolest things below in this volume of Design Inspiration.


Design inspiration vol 7

This time round team member James tells us what has tickled their beards.

N.B. – the growth of facial hair is not a requirement for working here.

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1) This month's "we need this" design - Mini Countryman:

The new longboards line for Mini Countryman‘s launch made us want to go for a cruise along the beach (despite the weather).

2) This month's visual inspiration - Strava's global heat map:

Explore the worlds athlete’s playgrounds on the new heat map.

We love the Strava heat maps. Which include over 27 billion kilometres of data, overlapping to show the most frequent spots for sport on the globe.

This incredible visualisation was created with 200,000 years of movement, including thousands of marathons and countless coffee rides.

Heat map design inspiration

3) This month's most terrifying - North Korea's missile reach:

If all news could be formatted to be as engaging as this one, we’d be four very happy beards.

Even when it comes to the range of North Korea’s nuclear missiles

north korea missile reach design inspiration

4) This month's musical inspiration - Stranger Things Spotify takeover:

Spotify have some awesome things up their sleeve.

Start the Stranger Things soundtrack for either season, and let it play.

After a few seconds, you’ll enter the home of the Demogorgon. If you move your mouse or browse around Spotify, however, it’ll disappear.

There’s even a mode where Spotify will tell you what character you are in Stranger Things based on your music taste!

Spotify stranger things design inspiration

5) This month's colourful creation - Khroma, the colour generation AI:

We’ve fallen in love with this AI colour tool for designers.

Discover, search and save all your most loved colour combinations.

Khroma design inspiration

6) This month's inventive design - Beck 'Colors' artwork:

Who doesn’t love a good album artwork illustrator?

Jimmy Turrell has designed the record sleeve for Beck’s new album Colors, which can be customised with transparent prints to suit people’s different tastes.


7) This month's movie madness - Blade Runner 2049 miniatures:

Weta Workshop, this is just amazing.

Using miniatures in a modern context, the level of detail and craftsmanship is incredible! Can we please go and make something!!

They say miniatures but these things are huge.

Published on December 6, 2017, last updated on May 26, 2023

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