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Igniting Change Podcast Season 3: Episode 3

Laura Probst, Founder of Do Good: Make Money, joins us to discuss how she went from empowering women in South Africa to forging partnerships with some of the biggest for-good companies around the world.


S3 blogpost episode 3

Why do good?

Not that long ago, the consensus was that profits and corporate social responsibility were mutually exclusive. The idea that a company could improve its bottom line by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions or reducing income inequality had a snowball’s chance in hell of gaining traction with business executives.

Yet, there are measurable business benefits in doing good.

Technology and innovative processes are decreasing costs and ushering in the understanding that doing good for people and the planet doesn’t have to come at the expense of net income.

On this week’s episode, Rich and Puff sit down with Laura Probst to learn more about the incredible work she does to help companies, such as The Honest Company and Dermalogica, solve business challenges through philanthropy and community investment.

Meet Laura

Laura Probst launched Do Good: Make Money in 2005, after 7 years of in-house partnership and employee engagement work for nonprofit and for-profit brands.  After getting her start working with a women’s empowerment organization in South Africa, Laura developed a deep understanding of the needs and interests of women business owners and has worked with prominent entrepreneurs and business leaders such as Jessica Alba (The Honest Company), Jane Wurwand (Dermalogica), and Lisa Gregorian (Warner Bros)

Laura stepped away from Do Good in 2014, to build out The Honest Company’s corporate social responsibility platform.  She served as Head of Social Goodness and a member of The Honest Company’s Executive Team. After delivering award-winning programs and systems for sustained environmental health leadership to The Honest Company, Laura took over leadership for Do Good once again in Spring 2016.

Laura sits on the Board of the Social Impact Fund and is a founder of The Women’s Accelerator – a mentorship program for high-potential women leaders.


About Do Good: Make Money

Do Good: Make Money opened in 2005, to help companies and individuals solve business challenges through philanthropy and community investment.

Some of the challenges they take on:

  • a company trying to reach a new audience, grow revenue, or, recruit and retain top talent,

  • an individual looking to make a real impact or gain consideration as a credible thought leader

  • a foundation or cause working to increase its profile and raise funds

Do Good: Make Money brings a proven set of tools, experience, knowledge, and relationships, all grounded in doing good, to help address these issues.

It's fantastic to watch more and more companies become increasingly interested in adopting a business model that respects the planet, its people and the communities around it.

Laura Probst, Founder, Do good: Make Money

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Published on March 23, 2023, last updated on April 17, 2023

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