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Igniting Change Podcast Season 3: Episode 7

Vicky Godfrey, Co-Founder of DNApal, joins us to discuss how her HealthTech company delivers personalised health advice to help users make better lifestyle choices by using nutrigenomics.


S3 blogpost episode 7

I think it’s safe to say that most of us try to keep our health and nutrition in mind as we live our day-to-day lives (unless it’s that week between Christmas and New Year’s, then all bets are off!)

It is so important to understand what our body needs in order to function, which is why having knowledge of our DNA and how we’re made up is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Simply taking one little DNA test has the power to analyze and show you exactly what your body needs to thrive.

That is a lot easier said than done…until DNApal came along!

This week 3 Sided Cube CEO, Rich and Head of Client Success, Gabby chat with Vicky Godfrey, about how a DNA test can improve your health.

Meet Vicky

I remember just standing in Tesco in a daze thinking, I just want someone to tell me what I should eat for my DNA, and that is where the idea for my DNApal was born!

Vicky Godfrey, Co-Founder, DNApal

Vicky Godfrey is the Co-Founder of DNApal and believes that prevention is better than a cure. By using DNA data to support your health and foundations, you can personalize your approach and optimize certain unique pathways in the body.

The designers of DNApal have worked carefully and creatively to bring you a DNA test that can help you live a longer, healthier life. Vicky is a strong believer in prevention over cure; she, alongside Registered Nutritional Therapist and Nutrigenomics Specialist Kate Scott, founded DNApal to help people understand their genetic makeup and how they can support themselves most efficiently.


About DNApal

Unlike most DNA tests, which can confirm anything from your family tree to your compatibility with another person, DNApal analyses the way you’re built to determine what you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. By following the analysis of a simple cheek swab, DNApal is able to gain insights into your genetic make-up and what areas of your body may require more focus and give you accurate nutrition and lifestyle advice that’s completely unique to you.

All the advice you receive from DNApal is completely actionable, meaning any potential lifestyle changes are not difficult to understand or implement, and the results will also support you in various aspects of your life, such as:

  • How often you should move your body
  • What food you should consume more or less of
  • The areas of difficulty that could guide you to the food, exercise, and supplements that best suit you

In's and out's of DNApal

Supported by Science

DNApal’s advice is backed by Nutrigenomics, the study of the interaction between nutrition, lifestyle, and genes

Comprehensive Analysis

In order to provide accurate results, DNApal’s testing covers more than 700,000 genetic variants, also known as single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)

Personalized Plan

DNApal’s algorithm combines your DNA and current lifestyle information to deliver over 50 different insights into your genetic blueprint, along with diet and lifestyle support that’s 100% unique to you and your body

Full Data Privacy

DNApal provides strict processing of your DNA sample that is completely anonymous. You can also request to view your raw DNA data file at any time, as well as request to have it deleted

It really is that simple – the technology and science available to perform these types of tests is truly remarkable, and we believe in its potential to help millions around the world.

Listen to the full episode here

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Published on April 20, 2023, last updated on April 20, 2023

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