Coming Soon: Impact Report 2022

Find out how we’ve helped our clients increase their impact through the power of technology over the last year. Sign up to the waitlist to be the first to receive this impact report, which includes highlights from The American Red Cross, UNHCR and World Resources Institute.

This report will be dropping into your inbox at the start of 2023 and shines a spotlight on how technology can be integral to help you achieve more impact, changing millions of lives for the better.

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Whats inside?

If you are taking the time to download this report, then you and your organisation are probably focused on having more impact – something we love to see! We have built over 200 apps that have had a total of 17 million downloads and are available in 90 countries – this shows the power that technology really has to do some good.

We wanted to showcase the incredible impact that we have managed to help our clients achieve this year through the use of technology. However, we’re focused on expanding and growing our impact further. We have loved working with every single one of our clients and being able to build digital platforms that make change happen. Every project we work on is an opportunity to help our clients achieve the incredible!