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Introducing PLAN Z: A New Initiative To Combat Violence Against Children

It’s no secret that we love a challenge here at 3 SIDED CUBE, but our latest venture may be our most ambitious yet. Having helped to tackle declining numbers of blood donations, battle against mental health issues among university students, and solved many more problems faced by our clients, today we declare our mission to combat violence against children.


Meeting With Charities

Introducing PLAN Z: A Tech For Good initiative.

We’re partnering with several global charities including, World VisionPlan InternationalSave The Children and Terre Des Hommes to create a brand new initiative that will empower vulnerable children in countries where they face daily challenges and suffer from insufficient child rights.

The project currently entitled ‘PLAN Z’ is an innovative attempt to shake up the way Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) work together. We’re proud to be working with some of the biggest names in child protection charities and helping them to use tech for good.

Duncan Cook, our CEO says:

‘We’ve somehow managed to get ourselves at the center of developing a project that has exponential potential. Multiple NGOs working together with other organisations like ourselves, truly empowering children to help tackle violence against children’.

I'm sick of hearing people say 'children don't have the ideas'

Justice, World Vision young leader

How will we combat violence against children?

What makes PLAN Z different is that the children themselves jointly lead the project. With around one billion youngsters still living in vulnerable and violent situations, it is clear that we need a new approach. As Duncan notes ‘What other industries or solutions neglect to get input from the people who use the products/services? We felt the key to ensuring long term results was to place the control in the hands of the children.’

Ultimately we are accountable to the children. We have never attempted such an ambitious and comprehensive project, but we are fully committed to making it work at every level. The initiative will be founded on a fundamental commitment to safeguarding children, but at the same time pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology in this sector.

During the planning process Justice, an inspiring 16-year-old from Ghana who is part of World Vision’s ‘Young Leaders’ scheme, put the adults in the room in their place by explaining:

I want to help my society so children can enjoy good health and all the rights they deserve.

Justice, World Vision young leader

The initiative will empower children by creating physical and digital platforms that will facilitate their ideas, teach them skills and incubate projects with the support of the charities. The aim is to give children a voice and help them lead solutions from the community to a global scale that contribute towards a measurable reduction in violence against children.

Meeting With Charities

Earlier this year we were invited to Berlin to attend an innovation forum at the International Civil Society Centre. It was here that the foundations of a joint project were laid.

‘We believe that we must join forces in some areas of our work to have a greater impact on improving the lives of children worldwide. An innovative approach like this can break down the barriers amongst organisations in this space and help to reach children on the margins of society.’

Charles Badenoch, World Vision

A pilot scheme is scheduled to launch in Romania later this year. It’s a massive task and one that the team at CUBE and partnering NGOs know will take the time to get off the ground, but we are excited to see what we can achieve.

We will keep you posted on our progress!

Published on March 16, 2023, last updated on September 19, 2023

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