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A web app to change the way we shop

Bother reached out to 3 Sided Cube as they wanted to change the way we shop by automating the purchase of non-perishable goods through intelligent machine learning

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The Challenge?

Bother approached 3 Sided Cube with the idea of changing the way we shop, taking a ‘regulars’ approach to learn what items a user needs and when. This would allow for a user to choose their most commonly purchased non-perishable items in a repeat order, with no subscription fee. Building trust and an e-commerce app that was both friendly and logical were key to this project, as getting this right meant that they could build a loyal and invested group of users.

Not only did Bother want to streamline the shopping process for the user, ensuring less unnecessary purchases, but it was also important to them that they offset the carbon footprint of transporting products from their suppliers direct to the users door. We were ready to take on the challenge of an e-commerce app that encouraged less over-consumption and offsets the entire process of the supply chain.

Challenge accepted!




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The Solution

Making the web app as slick as possible was our starting point. It was incredibly important to us that it was as simple and streamlined as possible so the user could quickly and easily navigate the app.

Delivering a great UX and design helped to distinguish Bother and communicate its great benefits. Ensuring that there were no subscription fees or contracts to scare people off with, whilst delivering next day means that consumers are more likely to try out Bother. By utilizing the existing Shopify platform with a custom integration, we were able to pull in many APIs and implement the “Bother Brain” machine learning to better understand the needs of Bother users.

What does the app do?

No muss, no fuss to sign-up

You shouldn't need to pay membership fees or need a subscription to get top quality household essentials delivered faster.

Choose your essentials

Easily find your favorite brands of household essentials. They stock thousands of well known names and whole bunch of hidden gems.

Get a convenient delivery

Your order is sent out as fast as possible. No need to book really far in advance and no annoying substitutions to worry about!

Save time on top ups

Once you've had your delivery, you are notified when your items are about to run out. So your shopping is sorted in seconds.

The Results

The innovative shopping app is now live and has had great feedback during the initial stages of launch. With a Trustpilot review average of 4.7 stars, there has been a positive first impression and the user base is continuing to grow strongly. Bother aims to progressively innovate and optimize its service to positively impact the user experience. By helping to save time and money, this encourages users to shop locally, supporting communities and positively benefiting the environment they live in.

They have been at the centre of our core asset, helping to turn the concept into a reality.

Douglas Morton - CEO, Bother


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