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We develop websites that make a positive impact on the world

At 3 Sided Cube, we build bespoke software solutions that help our clients to make a positive impact on the world. 

Our web development team specializes in building digital solutions that impact millions of lives for the better and sets the standard for innovation in industries.

Over 200 Apps, websites and custom software
Over 100 countries across the globe
Over 17 million downloads and users

Turn your web development idea into a top-notch solution

We are passionate about creating outstanding software solutions and awesome websites, each one bespoke to you, your challenge, and your users.

Our uber-talented team of web developers works closely with you to design and build beautiful platforms that make a difference.



The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) approached 3 Sided Cube with the goal to bring people together, to co-design and co-deliver knowledge for protecting and better managing the ocean.


Ocean Decade actions




Community Members

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The Global Commons Alliance reached out to 3 Sided Cube as they wanted to create a dashboard to showcase the planetary emergency at COP26 and communicate with the population using near real time data.


users over COP26

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The world is losing billions of trees every year, endangering the lives of over 3 billion people. With the reduction of deforestation high on many agendas, 3 Sided Cube partnered with The World Resources Institute to build an app and web platform that connects funding from serious investors to people growing trees and restoring land.


billion trees lost around the world in 2019


million trees to be planted by 2021


trillion trees to be planted by 2030

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Time to humble brag about the fantastic clients we get to partner with!

International brands, exciting startups, and non-profit organizations choose us to bring their digital development projects to life to change users’ lives. We pinch ourselves, but we get to wake up every single day and be a small part of putting world-changing technology out there to make our planet a better place.

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Let's talk about what's next...

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Are you wondering how to choose a web development company?

You’ve got a great idea and decided you want a top web development agency, but the process can seem daunting. Where the heck do you start?

3 Sided Cube is the UK’s top-ranked digital product company. You can check our reviews on Clutch the digital product supplier review portal. We’ve built websites and apps with millions of users, generated millions of pounds in revenue, and been number one in app stores worldwide. We are ready and raring to make your digital product dreams a reality!

However, doing your due diligence is vital. 

Selecting the right developer for your web development project can depend on various factors: cost, chemistry, location, and process are just a few we’d suggest you explore. 

Web development made the 3 Sided Cube way

Beyond the bread and butter of web development, our experience with new and emerging technologies makes Cube digital products easy to recognize as they set the standard for innovation in industries. Here are a few things we are great at:

App development scalable technology

Scalable Solutions

Turning concepts and prototypes into scalable, integrated platforms. Going global is always an option.

App development mapping technology

Mapping & Geolocation

We’ve built systems that connect APIs, GPS and satellites to map everything from natural disasters to deforestation and mountain peaks.

App development global technology

International Platforms

Reaching communities all around the world? We’re experts in multilingual apps and platforms, with apps in over 100 countries.

App development alert technology

Alerts & Notifications

Last year we delivered more than half a billion push notifications. If timely messaging is important to you, we have you covered.

App development payment technology

Seamless Payments

From e-commerce platforms to web donations, we’ve built payment systems that have changed the way brands deliver ROI.

App development loyalty technology

Loyalty, Rewards & Gamification

From fact files to quizzes and online activities, we know how to make mobile app experiences rewarding enough to inspire loyalty and engagement from users.

Multi-skilled web development

We’ve brought the web to life in a number of sectors that have transformed processes and set new industry standards for how brands and consumers interact on websites.

Charity and non-profit app development

Charity & Nonprofit

Disaster preparedness app development

Disaster Preparedness

Health, fitness and wellness app development

Health & Fitness


Social Cause & Campaign

Retail and eCommerce app development

Retail & eCommerce

Education and training app development

Education & Training

Enterprise app development app development

Enterprise App Development

Pharma and healthcare app development

Pharma & Healthcare

Automobile and transportation app development

Automobile & Transportation

Energy and utilities app development

Energy & Utilities

Our Web Development Process

Writing a project brief: one or two weeks

This is one thing that people often underestimate. The better and more transparent the brief, the less time it will take to fully understand your project and requirements.

Researching your ideas with the developers: four to five weeks

Researching your app idea means a whole lot more than just making sure it will work. That’s the first thing your development company should say to you. The purpose of the research stage is to create a shared understanding of the market, your users, the problem and what the success of your app should look like.

Wireflow & Design sprints: six to twelve weeks

Wireflows help figure out the structure of the product – the flows between sections and key interactions. This is done in a low fidelity format outlining the buttons and sections, so things can be quickly drafted and evolved. The client will then review the wireflows to validate thoughts.

Web Development and prototyping: six to twelve weeks

Development is broken down into two week sprints, at the end of each sprint you will receive an update on progress. Each sprint will have a series of dependencies, from third party data, content or integrations. These should be raised by your development company so you can help resolve blockers.

UAT & Client Review: up to two weeks

Once your build is ready your development agency should hand over the build, test script and format for you to provide feedback. The objective of your review is to make sure everything is built as per the agreed scope, any showstopper bugs are captured and if any significant amends are required this can be discussed.

Final fixes and deploying to the world wide web: 1 week

Depending on the size of your project, your amends time can be between a few days to a few weeks. Once these have been addressed you should be provided with the final build to review and approve.

Continuous improvement: any length of time

This one is a little harder to predict. Updates and maintenance mean that even after you launch the app, you’ll still need to dedicate time to it.

There’s no telling how much time will be taken up by continuous improvements as the backlog of app ideas and features could be of any length, in any priority, taking any amount of time and cost to develop.

Meet our web development team

We’ve been developing bespoke digital software solutions since Obama was inaugurated, or 2009 for all you non-Obamaphiles out there. In that time we’ve become a trusted technology partner for world-changing organizations and grown our team into the ridiculously talented bunch that will help you achieve your goals. 

Get to know the Cubies you’ll be working with.

Meet The Team

Need a different solution?

Mobile App Development

Unite technical back-end systems with intuitive front-end design to create digital products that users love.

Whether its app development on native Android and iOS, smart device or more, we combine tech, data and design to build superior experiences that get engagement.

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UX & UI Design

Make usability a priority and create an intuitive experience that leaves a lasting impression on your users.

Utilise audience persona research to test ideas with your users in the real world. Positioning your mission at the centre of fluid and user-friendly design that will achieve your goals and then some.

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We explore tech of the future to discover to stay ahead of the game and finding solutions to some of the world's biggest problems.

From mapping the impact of natural disasters to developing Alexa Skills that teach children to read, if you're facing a challenge that technology could solve, chances are we're already exploring the solution.

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Mobile App Development

Legacy Codebase Adoption

No matter the complexity, unwanted behaviours, or bugs, we’re well-versed in evolving, improving, and stabilizing existing code bases so that we can push them forward to success.

Consider us the Paris Hilton of codebase inheritance, because we are absolutely minted with experience and expertize refactoring your existing code into a brand-spankin' new life-changing or life-saving tech for good project.

Project Management

Agile Methodology

Make fast and informed decisions in every stage of your project, working with a team that cares as much as you do.

In the tech world, things move fast, but we Cubes need to move even faster; which is why we work our best magic under the agile methodology. With a little collaboration, adaptability, and the experts (YOU) involved, our team is not only there to guide you through the product life cycle, but is committed to ensuring the world’s best brands have the world’s best results.


Launching your product is not the end, we’ll be a stage 5 clinger throughout the life cycle of your software.

Robust and reliable digital products need 24/7 TLC to make iterative improvements and have your back with support *whenever* the need arises. With our support packages, you never have to worry about bugs, app crashes, or software updates because we have seen the negative impact a flimsy digital product can have and want you to have the peace of mind that comes with unwavering support.

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