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3 Sided Cube supports global organisations and movements to create environmental impact using technology. We build life-saving and environment-saving software that enables our clients to make a positive difference globally. 

We stand proudly behind our mission to change millions of lives for the better, and in doing that have aided in the fight against deforestation and ways to fine-tune the recycling process. Because we see the undeniable impact technology has, we only produce digital products with the power to do good.  

The World Resources Institute

An App to Facilitate Tree Restoration Across the World

The world is losing billions of trees every year, endangering the lives of over 3 billion people. With the reduction of deforestation high on many agendas, 3 Sided Cube partnered with The World Resources Institute to build an app and web platform that connects funding from serious investors to people growing trees and restoring land.


billion trees lost around the world in 2019


million trees to be planted by 2021


trillion trees to be planted by 2030

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Lush Lens App


Lush Lens App

An app to save our oceans: Reducing plastic's impact on the environment

Using object recognition technology, we helped Lush develop Lush Lends to raise awareness of plastic pollution. With the Lush Lens app, there's no need for packaging! All the information customers need is at their fingertips.


Images required per product


Lush product range is 'Naked'


Plastic bottles saved in 2018

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Every project we work on is an opportunity to help our clients achieve something incredible, and our team are dedicated to achieving maximum impact through our tried and true process.


Our Discover and Design process allows us to fully explore and understand your organisation, your users and your ultimate goals before building the bigger picture of how the technology will function and how your audience will interact.


 The build process is designed to ensure that the end product not only delivers within scope but has the flexibility to course correct to encompass new understanding gained throughout.


 Continuous Improvement is an essential part of our process. Every good digital solution needs to remain fresh and consider how new technology or features add continuous value to your end-users.


Launching your product is not the end, we help you to make iterative improvements and can offer 24/7 support.

Digital Impact Awards

Best use of mobile and portable devices

UK app awards winner
The UK App Award

UK App Agency of the year 2018


Transforming the Way the World Recycles

We partnered with PolyTag to put power into the hands of consumers by transforming the recycling process, leveraging technology to create an experience for users that would empower them to improve the way we recycle.


unique PAC codes


households across UK


day extensive trials

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3 Sided Cube is highly responsive and well-organized. We value their professionalism and thorough project management approach. The team delivers high-quality products reliably and on time.

Research Analyst, Global Forest Watch

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