We fake it before we make it

Here's a fact: You can't argue with your users

If they don't like your app, they won't use it. The only question that needs to be answered in order to create a successful app is:
what do your users want and need?

Focus groups don't work

Putting users in focus groups doesn't work because they're not in an environment where they're experiencing the problem, so
the feedback you get won't be accurate.

It's all about Rapid Prototyping

Knowing all the above, we created our own unique way of validating, designing and building apps: rapid prototyping. The goal is to get real people using a real working app, in a real environment. The end result is honest, qualitative and quantitative feedback that can be used to inform business decisions.

Stage 1 Ideas

A solid idea is the foundation of any great app: so we explore multiple ones

You have recognised a problem. We find the people the problem affects and we speak to them until we really, really understand the problem. Then we come back and generate ideas and potential solutions. Then we go back to your users and present concepts to them in a natural environment — not a testing room — so we leave this stage with a rock solid idea that users love.

Stage 2 Functional Prototype

That rock solid idea needs great features.
In stage 2 we start exploring.

American Red Cross Blood Prototype
American Red Cross Blood Prototype
American Red Cross Blood Prototype

"Does that need to be there?" is a question we're not afraid to ask. We find out exactly what users want and expect from your app, and what they don’t need. We do that by prototyping up the features and giving it to users back in their real environment until we have a general user thumbs up.

Stage 3 Refine Experience

We have a great idea, and a functional prototype to support that idea: now it's time to polish.

American Red Cross Blood Prototype
American Red Cross Blood Prototype
American Red Cross Blood Prototype

During this stage we'll ensure users can use the app intuitively, and we’ll work out any hiccups they may be experiencing.

And voila, a fully working prototype

At the end of the process you're loaded with a fully working prototype and a clear understanding of why it works. You're also guaranteed that your users love it. A specification can then be produced from the prototype resulting in far more accurate costings. It's a win-win.

Take your prototype into production

We offer our rapid prototyping as a standalone service, but we can also take your prototype into production to a fully fledged iOS, Android, or watchOS application. We've provided full service design and development on all our award winning 100% native apps, and with a team constantly keeping themselves ahead of the curve, we'll be the first to design apps on the newest technologies.

How It Works