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If at first you don't succeed, try Cube again

You know those stories, about some well-deserving candidate going for their dream job, jumping through hoops and inevitably landing it? Well. This isn't exactly what happened in my interview...


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You know when you read those stories, the ones about some well-deserving candidate going for their dream job, jumping through hoops and inevitably landing it? Well. This isn’t *quite* that… Sit back, relax, and enjoy my not so straightforward journey into 3 Sided Cube!

We all know that feeling of excitedly interviewing for a job, not wanting to get your hopes up, but are already planning your first-day outfit and what uber-cool nickname you should make your new colleagues call you (Diddy Dee in this case). Each step in the recruitment process brings you that much closer to the goal, and hopes soaring a little higher. Only to fumble right before the finish line and just like that, the position is snatched from your grasp.

That’s pretty much exactly what happened to me. Don’t worry! This story has a happy ending, just not in a way you’d expect.

My first crack at entering the Cube

Many moons ago. Before Britney retired, and long, long before COVID was a twinkle in your Daddy’s eye, I had a mission. To get a job at 3 Sided Cube. I had some experience with Project Management under my belt and was keen to make the jump to another agency, turns out I didn’t have to look for long.

I happened across the 3SC website and fell in love. Then walking into the bright, quirky office, I was instantly sold! I had done my research, read the blogs and researched into all things Cube related. And it worked! Kinda. My first interview could not have gone better. Then I knocked the second one out of the park. All that was left was the third and final one with management, victory was so close I could almost taste it.

And that’s when I stacked it.

Nerves got the best of me, and all of the answers I had meticulously prepared, knew backwards and forwards, all got muddled up. If memory serves, I gave a garbled incoherent response to a pretty big question and just knew there was no coming back from that. Some interviews you walk away from and you have nothing but confidence that you nailed or the uncertain ones where you just don’t know. I knew. So when the official word came that they were not going to extend an offer, it wasn’t a surprise.

Which didn’t make it any easier!

In all of my interviews of the years, this was the only one that I couldn’t really shrug off and regretted not getting it. It wasn’t a circumstance of “oh well their loss, I‘ll find something better”. It was the one that got away. Cube became my white whale.

Second time lucky!

Once I licked my wounds and got over the disappointment, I made it a goal to get more experience. To get another job, and as much experience that I could so something like that never happened again. And that’s exactly what I did.

For four years I worked in Project Management and gained invaluable experience in my career. But I always kind of kept an eye on what was happening at Cube. I was happy in the agency I had been working at but saw a job posting for a Support Manager here. Even though I had no intention of applying for another job, I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by.

So I nervously applied.

This time around I was ready! There was no question I was not thoroughly prepared to answer flawlessly, nor any brain farts allowed this time. The process varied slightly but was similar. Again, I found myself in the final boss round, so close yet so far away. As fate would have it, I was asked the same exact question that threw a spanner in the works previously, but this time OWNED IT!

First thing Monday morning I got the call I had been anxiously waiting for. I got the job and could officially say that I was a Cubie!

I ran so you could walk, here are my tips to rock any interview!

1. Always prepare before an interview

– Learn about the company and make notes of their ethics/morals and how these align with you. 

– Depending on the role you have applied for, think of questions that you may be asked that are relevant to the position and how your experience ties in with this. I normally write the questions and answers out and re-read them whilst waiting to go into an interview so they’re fresh in my mind.

– Think about difficult questions – Although the majority of most interviews are in relation to how you can benefit the company, there will be some ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years?’ Type of questions that you should be able to answer.

– Going through the questions you have with another person prior to the interview also helps.

2. Breathe and (try to) stay calm

– When asked a question you’re not sure how to answer, take a deep breath in to help you refocus on what is being asked. Breathing deeply can also help to calm your nerves and get rid of the niggling doubt at the back of your mind.

– Make sure that your deep breathing isn’t obvious to your interviewers as this may look a little strange. Practice taking a deep breath before talking so you can streamline this when you need it.

3. Come with your own questions

– You will obviously be asked a lot of questions about you, but what makes you look like an eager beaver is to have questions for them. I’ve found one generic question and a couple of questions about the role usually suffice.

– Word of warning: Don’t ask questions about benefits, these will be reiterated to you should you be offered the role. Most companies want you to be eager to work for them rather than the benefits they offer. 

4. Decorum

– Always be at least 10 minutes early for an interviewer. Being late without due warning is not a good first impression.

– Try to lighten the mood of an interview. Although an interview is often formal, lighten the mood with a joke or two is a nice way to relax yourself and the interviewers. I only recommend this if you know where the sensible line is as there is some humour that shouldn’t be taken to work.

5. GOOD LUCK!!!!

While it does bite the big one not getting a job you really want, everything happens for a reason. Seriously! It’s not just the generic advice my mom would console me with after another heartbreak, it’s so true in this case. Had I somehow managed to sneak through the interview process last time, it would have been a really hard transition. Now knowing what is required of the role, I can tell you that I was not at all prepared for what the agency would have asked of me. Getting the time to grow and learn has been invaluable. Especially because the role I’m in now is so perfectly suited for my skill set.


If this happens to you, don’t give up, and remember you are in good company!


Published on January 15, 2021, last updated on March 31, 2021

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