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Igniting Change Podcast Season 2: Episode 4

Nudj is an app to help you take simple challenges to reduce your carbon footprint. Gabby and Rich talk to Nudj’s founders, Dee and Meg about their journey...


S2 blogpost episode 4

Gabby and Rich are joined by Dee and Meg, co-founders of Nudj to discuss their journey and how Nudj helps users live more sustainably.

Launched earlier in 2022, Nudj is a behaviour change app premised on helping people to live more sustainably. Nudj guides you through small and satisfying challenges to easily enable a more sustainable lifestyle.The Nudj community evolve together and collectively create widespread positive change.

“Our mission is to achieve a one tonne carbon reduction for every adult by 2025”

Nudj Team

Nudj founders

Meet the founders

With backgrounds in data, economics and environmental management between them, Dee and Meg have the ideal experience set to achieve their ambitions.

Dee and Meg became inspired to build Nudj and create real change from the work of David Attenborough and to create a better world for their children. Inspired too by the use of Strava for fitness challenges, tracking and community competitiveness, Nudj was built as an evolution of carbon calculators, allowing users to both impact their carbon footprint and inspire others to do the same.

Both Dee and Meg are both self-proclaimed perfectionists, and approaching the app building process was a real learning experience for them. After researching how to get started building an app, they decided to aim to just get something out there rather than worry too much about every feature from day one. Having this focus on starting with a super simple starting point allowed Nudj to both be launched, but also be built upon rapidly.

The power of Nudj

Nudj is a clever play on the word ‘nudge’ from the app’s use of Nudge theory to help create behavioural change. By using nudge theory, Meg and Dee are hoping that Nudj can massively shift the population’s relationship with carbon, by creating simple challenges to take part in and track your overall carbon footprint. With the ability to help individuals to realise the strength of ‘Acting Together’ in the community to reduce their carbon footprint, this drives competitions and increases participation.

The nudj team are looking further afield than just everyday users wanting to make changes on a personal level. They also see the large corporations that have CSR targets in place as being key supporters of the Nudj app, as the employees of these companies have a large part to play in sustainability and carbon footprint goals.

Creating meaningful change

Nudj have various measures in place to ensure that the challenges that they have in place are in fact sustainable and that the businesses that they are working with are in alignment with their goals. Nudj have also partnered with world renowned carbon expert Small World Consulting and The Behaviouralist.

The Nudj standards include:

  • Respecting ecological limits
  • People and the planet
  • Innovation
  • Health and wellbeing

By focusing clearly on a set of values, Nudj and their partners can grow together in a meaningful way to improve their offering and provide a better service to users.

nudj homescreen

Listen to the full discussion

To hear more from Dee and Meg, the founders of Nudj, have a listen using the links below! You can download the Nudj app on iOS and Android now.

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Published on September 22, 2022, last updated on September 22, 2022

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