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World Food Programme: tackling global hunger with technology, startups and big data

In a world of plenty, where enough food is produced to feed everyone on the planet, hunger should be a thing of the past. However, conflict, climate change, disasters, and inequality mean that one in ten people globally is still going to bed hungry and famine looms for millions. In our latest Igniting Change episode, we sit down with Berhnard Kowatsch from the World Food Programme to discuss their tireless work to feed millions of the world’s hungriest people.


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This week on Igniting Change

Did you know that 735 million people faced chronic hunger in 2022?

But could the answer to this global issue lie within a startup’s groundbreaking concept? Join us for our last Igniting Change episode of ’23 as we chat with Bernhard Kowatsch, leading the World Food Programme’s Innovation Accelerator. He’s on a mission to seek and transform game-changing ideas into reality, merging business savvy with a humanitarian mission.

Today’s technology is a force for positive change, especially in developing regions. We explore the impactful ShareTheMeal app, a simple yet powerful tool in the battle against hunger. Additionally, we spotlight three innovative startups reshaping communities and economies in developing countries. But the innovation doesn’t end there. We dive into how big data and AI are revolutionising humanitarian efforts, optimising food distribution, enhancing disaster response, and offering crucial digital skills training where it’s needed most.

Join us for this inspirational conversation, reshaping perceptions of technology’s profound role in driving social impact and helping to feed millions of the world’s hungriest people.

Innovation can't solve everything, but innovation is the key to helping create positive climate and hunger impact – not just tomorrow, but right now and at scale!

Bernhard Kowatsch

About The World Food Programme

Ever wonder who’s on the front lines battling global hunger?

Meet the World Food Programme (WFP), the incredibly inspirational organisation fighting to end hunger worldwide. They have a remarkable presence in over 120 countries, coming to the aid of people hit by disasters, conflicts, and emergencies.

Think of WFP as more than just a food delivery service. Sure, they bring food—life-saving meals that make a huge difference—but they’re also about a lot more than that. They’re on a nutrition mission. They’re not just dropping off food; they’re making sure it’s packed with the right nutrients, especially for kids and moms who need that extra boost for healthy growth.

And they’re not just about today—they’re thinking long-term. They’re helping communities stand on their own two feet. By teaching them how to grow food, build stuff, and create opportunities so they’re not relying on aid forever. Alongside that, are all about embracing tech too. They’re using smart apps, data crunching, and all the cool tech stuff to make sure the right food gets to the right place at the right time.

The World Food Programme?

They’re more than just a meal—they’re hope on a plate. They’re out there making sure nobody goes to bed hungry, one meal at a time. 

Listen to the full episode here

If this sneak peek has left you wanting more, make sure you tune in for Season 5 in February 2024 and find out what can be achieved when technology meets compassion. So, whether you’re a tech aficionado, a humanitarian at heart, or simply curious about how data and ingenuity can intersect to drive meaningful change, listen now and become part of the movement to ignite change.

Please consider donating to this life-saving cause if you are at all able. Every little helps!

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Published on December 14, 2023, last updated on December 14, 2023

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