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Is AI the secret weapon to fight global crises

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, It’s the power of AI! After surveying thousands of decision-makers and purpose led organisations, we’re diving into the thrilling (yet daunting) world of AI adoption and usage. AI is not just a buzzword, it’s a superhero worth harnessing to help change lives. Our report aims to help you and your organisation navigate this new frontier.


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Currently, humanity is in our “unprecedented times era” marked by the question “Is AI the secret weapon to fight global crises” growing to a fever pitch.

At 3 Sided Cube, our chips are all in. We’re not only betting on AI but are actively innovating and building to make it a reality. With 15+ years of custom software solutions under our belt, we are positioned at the intersection of innovation and compassion, serving as the trusted sidekick to AI’s emerging superhero, harnessing its power to tackle our biggest global challenges.

Despite AI’s potential to address global challenges like hunger and disasters, most NGOs aren’t fully embracing it due to concerns over ethics and a lack of standard guidelines. We surveyed decision-makers in global organisations to understand AI adoption across the for-good sector, and the results were surprising (more on that later!).

AI’s Origin Story

Every good superhero and sidekick has a good origin story, and AI is no different. Despite its positive potential, it’s difficult to ignore the negative narrative.

“It’s coming for all of our jobs!”

“We won’t be able to tell what’s real and what’s AI!”

“AI will take over the world and end humanity for good!”

Fear of the unknown is a human instinct, so no wonder the world of AI can be a bit scary. We found, when reaching out with our survey to those in decision-making roles at purpose-led organisations, that many people didn’t want to put their stamp on AI’s adoption because it was in its infancy and they didn’t consider themselves an expert or were wary of future implications. It seems the consensus was that many don’t quite know what to do with AI and how to best proceed responsibly and ethically.

But with great power, comes great responsibility!

We are strong believers that AI can be harnessed for good. To be a great enabler, the sidekick, for humanity’s heroes who are saving the world and encouraging incredible change.

Our planet is facing multifaceted crises. 

  • Increasing disasters
  • Global hunger
  • Humanitarian crises

Humanity can’t keep up.

That’s where AI comes in. As an enabler for change, AI can positively impact lives. Imagine the power of AI to not just predict an incoming storm, but to streamline the delivery of aid when seconds count, or to safeguard our natural world through the insights of machine learning. 

These aren’t distant dreams, they’re already here!

How AI is already being leveraged for incredible impact

Disaster Recovery Planning:

Uses AI to analyse damage from disasters, prioritise recovery efforts, and allocate resources more efficiently, to speed up the recovery process for affected communities.

Humanitarian Aid Delivery:

Leverages AI to optimise logistics and distribution of humanitarian aid, to ensure that supplies reach those in need quickly and efficiently, especially in disaster-stricken or hard-to-reach areas.

Renewable Energy Optimisation:

Uses AI to manage and optimise the use of renewable energy sources, improve grid efficiency, forecast energy production from renewable sources, and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Predictive Analytics for Disaster Response:

Utilises AI to analyse data from various sources, including satellite imagery and social media, to predict natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, and wildfires, enabling faster and more effective response efforts.

Health Crisis Management:

Applies AI to predict outbreaks of diseases, analyse spread patterns, and support the development of strategies for prevention, containment, and treatment.

Wildlife Conservation:

Employing AI-powered drones and image recognition technologies to monitor wildlife populations, track poaching activities, and manage natural habitats more effectively.

AI's potential to make a real difference is massive, yet reaching that potential requires collaboration, strong ethics, and the bravery to embrace innovation. This survey sheds light on the global excitement and challenges humanity is navigating.

Duncan Cook, CEO, 3 Sided Cube

And the survey results are in...

We recently surveyed thousands of change-makers in a myriad of tech roles to get a pulse on AI adoption and usage; but before we give you a sneak peek of the results, we’d like to acknowledge the big robot elephant in the room: AI is the new frontier, but with the ethical dilemmas and uncertainties, it’s an absolute maze. It’s thrilling yet daunting, filled with immense potential but riddled with even more questions.

This isn’t just tech talk; it’s about navigating uncharted territory, where many feel they’re trailing behind, cautious about fully embracing AI.

Why bother, then? Because getting a clear picture of AI adoption across sectors is absolutely essential. We’re not in it for the clickbait or hype, but for the life-saving and life-changing application it offers. That’s where our survey comes in—shedding light on the current landscape of AI integration and its impact, guiding us to build digital solutions that truly matter. 

Let’s take a closer look at what we’ve found…

64% are confident in AI’s future, but 70% say adoption concerns risk stalling AI’s potential

The positive impact that AI can have is apparent to many decision-makers, but ethical concerns and lack of standard guidelines mean that many organisations aren’t fully embracing AI to help change lives.

Only 11% have full integration of AI

This suggests that AI is still in the early stages of adoption within the Humanitarian and Environmental sectors.

There is plenty more where that came from, get on the list to get our AI pulse-check report when it drops. It will be looking into adoption, impact, challenges, and opportunities, get access to AI adoption 411 by signing up now to be the first to receive your copy of the report when it launches tomorrow

Innovation moves at breakneck speed and we are determined to harness that inimitable power to build custom software solutions that enable incredible change. Armed with AI in our arsenal and building tech for good as our north star, we are ready and raring to up the ante and change billions of lives for the better with ingenuity and lines of code.

We don’t have all the answers,  but consider this our call to arms to seek them out with us. Through transparency and collaboration, our aim is to create a community of tech enthusiasts intent on forging vital global solutions. Keen to join the movement?

Our intent is to revisit these findings and report back – holla if you’d like to contribute on our next AI-centric research piece, we’d love to chat. Please do get in touch if you’d love to be part of our future AI surveys and conversations. Summon our sidekicks by shouting us a holla! 🦸‍♂️

Published on April 15, 2024, last updated on April 16, 2024

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