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O2 Touch App: Social Fitness At Its Best

Recently there's been a surge of rugby players taking to the pitch for the non-contact version of the sport. From seasoned veterans to fresh-faced newbies, the game is open to anyone and everyone, regardless of age, gender or ability. We’re super excited to be launching a brand new app in association with England Rugby and O2... Introducing the O2 Touch app.


O2 Touch App

The touch rugby scene...

Joining a new team can be tough for anyone, but is especially daunting if you’re new to the sport; with no idea of what to expect, how serious the other players are or what their level of ability is. We’ve all had that nightmare where we turn up to play and quickly realise that we’re in over our heads.

An issue particularly affecting the Touch Rugby scene; as the sport continues to grow in popularity and gain new followers, the difference between individuals in the community widens. On one hand, you have ex-players who know all the ins-and-outs of the game, and on the other, you have newbies who want to learn about the sport.

That’s where the app comes in, allowing players to do more than just search areas and find sessions. They are able to learn how to play (or the best way to do so) and find like-minded people who are looking for the same thing as they are.

What does the O2 Touch app do?

The app and supporting website facilitate O2 Touch centres that specialise in the game – these can be clubs, schools or colleges, and have admins and ambassadors that organise the sessions.

New players are able to read up on the rules and watch short videos which explain all the need-to-knows; from defining a turnover to the best strategy for attacking.

While existing players benefit from quick registration and automatic check-ins, meaning that they can sign up for teams and sessions as quickly and easily as possible, without having to spend valuable game time filling out forms and submitting information.

The more experienced players don’t need a reason to advocate the game, however, the app makes this more convenient than ever as users can recommend the sport or specific sessions to friends and family, and can ever earn rewards such as specialised kits and rugby balls.

O2 Touch App

Working with O2 and England Rugby.

We’re thrilled to have been able to collaborate with two sports powerhouses – England Rugby and O2.

With their knowledge of the player community and our technical expertise, we have been able to develop a mobile app that will help to fuel enthusiasm for the sport, fitness and community.

A lot of the team have now become fully paid up members of teams and are regularly playing, so we know the positive impact the game can have. To be able to help encourage the uptake of the game and help it realise its potential is hugely exciting.

Richard Strachan, Managing Director, 3 SIDED CUBE

Published on November 2, 2017, last updated on April 10, 2019

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