Build and manage your charity's mobile app, and engage with supporters like never before.

Stop Spamming Your Supporters

CharityKit is a platform, powered by JustGiving’s API technology, which allows charities to easily personalise, nurture and grow their active and engaged supporter bases in favour of generic and intrusive marketing tactics.

CharityKit allows you to customise the content supporters receive, thanks to each supporter having their own unique profile. Choose from a wide range of criteria such as location, age, whether they’ve donated before, whether they’ve taken part in a specific event before, and much more to send supporters the information and updates that they are hungry for!

Raising The Fun In Fundraising

Help your supporters to raise more by giving them the best tools to enable them to do so - creating your most appealing appeals and centralise your campaigns, events, stories and marketing in the process.

The donation dashboard and leaderboard features allow your supporters to get an overview of all their fundraising activity in one place. As well as checking up on the fundraising of their friends and family - who doesn’t love a little healthy competition?!

Charitykit allows you to appear front and centre on your supporters phone with push. Using push notifications and our precise supporter targeting tools, you can send supporters the information that they want to hear about as soon as the news hits! You can even allow supporters to take action immediately from the notification. Just announced a Fun Run? Why not send a push notification to your sportiest supporters, allowing them to sign up at the touch of a few buttons?!

Make your campaigns more fun, whilst building loyalty and making your supporters feel the sense of achievement that they deserve. With the awards feature, a new badge can be added to a supporters profile any time they go above and beyond - from completing tasks to raising set amounts of money.

The Personal Touch

Charity Kit is designed from the start to be completely customisable - from the colours to the actual features themselves - meaning charities can begin to offer the personalised service that you would expect from an exclusive brand. Being a bespoke platform ensures that charities are able to customise their app with the personal touch and retain their brand identity.