Mental health charity, Mind set us the challenge of creating an app to monitor students mood and mental well being and we were thrilled to accept!


Though it is commonly acknowledged that University is the best years of your life, it can also be a daunting experience of leaving home for the first time, managing budgets and juggling a heavy workload with a constant peer pressure to party the semester away. When Mind discovered that 92% of students experience some kind of mental ill health whilst studying and that 1 in 8 students have felt suicidal during their time at University, they knew that they needed to do something to get students taking note of their mental health. After user testing with a selection of students it became apparent to Mind that the pressures of ‘keeping up appearances’ on social media were at the forefront of many students anxieties. As a result, Emoodji was born as a social media app for good.

3 SIDED CUBE were fantastic in helping us design and develop a unique app for students. Not only did they look after the technical side, they also – crucially – made sure it was fun to use. Ruth Richards, Head of Marketing and Communications


Emoodji gives University students the ability to monitor their mood with ease and should they want to, share their current emotional state with a group of their trusted pals. Emoodji encourages students to take a selfie every time they want to log their mood. Users can then scan through a swarm of emojis to find the face that best reflects their feelings. It is then up to the user to either share the Emoodji snap with selected friends, or track it privately within the app. Each time an Emoodji is logged, the app will register it within a digital mood tracking diary. It provides charts and graphs to visually represent the peaks and troughs of their week, allowing students to map any trends in the timings of their moods. The app also offers a ton of helpful tips from Mind on how to keep on top of your mental health whilst at University. By measuring mood with a series of snapshots, Emoodji gives students the chance to share honest posts about the emotions that they may otherwise hide on other more public and gamified forms of social media.