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Fighting Disasters With The Emergency Preparedness Platform

Fighting Disasters With The Emergency Preparedness Platform



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The Problem?

Mother nature is stubborn, so our disaster management app needed to be robust enough that people could rely on it. The Red Cross approached CUBE with the idea of a platform that allowed users to prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural disasters.

The more traditional methods were not working so well, there was an obvious need for a mobile app development project that could educate people so they know what to do in emergency situations, alert them when they’re in immediate danger and providing all the tools they need to make sure their friends and family are safe.


The Solution.

A suite of life-saving mobile apps for different natural disasters, such as hurricanes, earthquakes and tornados. All of which are customised for the user’s location, dangers and preferences. The apps needed to offer all this information as well as be personalised so users could monitor certain locations and not receive alerts they didn’t want.

The apps track disasters and map out areas that are effected by different hazards, providing fact files and information like what to put in an emergency kit and giving users the ability to find their nearest Red Cross shelter in case they have to evacuate.

What Does The App Do?

Preparing For The Worst

Fact files, quizzes and survival games make education and learning how to prepare for disasters a little more entertaining and engaging.

Tracking Disasters

Know where and when the storm is going to hit, which dangers you'll be experiencing and which areas these dangers will be affecting.

Planning To Evacuate

Use the live map to locate Red Cross shelters so that you can plan the best route to evacuate.

Emergency Alerts

If you're in danger, you'll know about it. Receive alerts that tell you when a disaster is about to strike, and which dangers you should be preparing for.

Making Sure Your Family Knows You're Safe

Set up custom messages for your friends and family. Make sure that in the chaos of a catastrophe, those most precious to you know that you are not in danger.

Saving Lives During Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey caused the worst flooding disaster in US history. While the American Red Cross were mobilising relief workers to support response efforts and help those in need, we were busy 7,732 km away making sure that the app didn’t crash and could be relied on. At the peak of the storm, we were receiving 5,500 server requests per minute for emergency information.

3 Sided Cube has been able to help us design and build an easy-to-use content management system that requires almost no training. The app that they have developed is really stable and really reliable so that very little support is needed.

Senior Advisor for Programs and Partnerships, GDPC


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