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An App to Streamline the University Onboarding Process

With thousands of students joining universities each year, the University of Bristol approached 3 Sided Cube to help them build an app that would streamline the onboarding process for all their new students.

The Challenge?

The University of Bristol approached 3 Sided Cube to help them build an app that would streamline the onboarding process for new students. The university was keen to start the engagement with their new students, from the moment they had received their university place confirmation, and provide them with all the information they needed before they began, but also their first few weeks as they settled into university life.

The initial plan was to create an app that would allow them to do this, as an MVP, but to continue to build on this and enhance the app as user feedback was collected. Due to the global pandemic, there was more pressure on the success of the app as a higher number of students would be going through their induction to university remotely. 


The Solution

The final solution was a React Native app, available on iOS and Android, that was built in just 8 weeks. This multi-functional app has been designed to help students understand what university life is going to be like, especially now that it has changed significantly. 

This app has also been pivotal in helping the University of Bristol manage all their students’ university experience, particularly in their induction period, and ensuring that it is the best it can possibly be.

As the app is now live, there has been a big push from the University of Bristol to ensure that students are downloading before the term begins. Currently the app has been downloaded by over 3,400 students that are starting their university studies in October 2020.


What does the app do?

Personalised information

An initial onboarding that allows the app to be personalised to students based on their situation and study programme.

Welcome guide

Enabling students to have access to all the information they need to begin their university studies.


Relevant contacts that are able to offer support while adjusting to university life.

Calendar planning

A calendar view of specific course and social events with the ability to find out more information and join.


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