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Designing the RSPB App: Giving Nature A Home

How can you support a charity from the comfort of your own garden? In a new move to bring nature conservation into the homes of their supporters, the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) app, Giving Nature A Home, is allowing the community to support the cause in a very unique way…

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Giving Nature A Home.

Whether you have a few flowerpots, a balcony, or acres of garden, the RSPB want to inspire everyone to give nature a home. They believe if we all do a little bit, we can achieve amazing things to protect the wildlife and wider countryside.

What does the RSPB app do?

1) Location-based personalisation.

Enter your preferences and let the RSPB app do the rest!

Activity plans can be completely personalised to suit the size of your garden, the amount of spare time you have, the difficulty of each activity and the seasons in which it should be carried out.

RSPB Charity App Location
2) Activities for the whole family.

Hedgehog cafes, toad abodes and butterfly banquets…

Supporters can use the RSPB app to engage in building wildlife a home by completing activities. For example, opening a hedgehog cafe, this activity is suitable for any size garden, easy to complete and takes less than two hours. The app also provides a list of materials and step-by-step guides.

You can see how many other supporters have completed the activity, upload photos of your creations and mark the tasks as complete to earn badges.

RSPB App Activities
3) Badges and rewards.

Everyone loves being rewarded.

On completion of activities, you are given specific badges to show that you’ve provided a home for different kinds of wildlife. These badges are collected and reflect the individual’s contribution towards RSPB’s cause.

RSPB App Badges
4) How long could you survive?

Another way of earning badges, the quiz section in the app aims to test your knowledge of different species, with image and multiple-choice answers, presents a final score and the correct answers on completion.

The survivor series also tests how long you could survive as a member of this wildlife, making the right/wrong decisions to ensure your survival.

RSPB Charity App Quizzes
5) The fact-file.

An educational feature, the fact files give you the opportunity to learn about all the wildlife and nature you’re giving a home, including when, where and how you spot them in the wild.

One interesting feature is content locking; becoming unlocked after a certain amount of time, which means there’s always new, fresh, engaging content for you to enjoy.

RSPB App Fact File
6) The RSPB tab.

Fancy donating to help save our countryside?

With a brand as strong as the RSPB’s, it would be a waste not to give their supporters the opportunity to learn about the charity, their cause, what they stand for and the Giving Nature A Home campaign.

RSPB App Charity Tab

For us, the most exciting aspect of the RSPB charity app is the range of personalised content and activities you are able to get involved in. Whether you have a few flowerpots, a balcony, or acres of garden, the app gives everyone and anyone the opportunity to support RSPB’s cause from the comfort of their own garden.

While the finished product has evolved from the prototype made in the sprint, the fundamentals owe everything to the sprint process. We were really impressed with this method and how 3 Sided Cube implemented it.

Maurice Tse-Leon, Digital Manager of Education, families and youth

Published on December 20, 2017, last updated on May 22, 2023

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