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Empower Organisations. Encourage Impact.

3 Sided Cube collaborates with organisations to create social impact, because we believe technology has the power to do good.

We work with brands, businesses, government agencies and nonprofits, helping to empower you and encourage people to get behind your cause.

Over 200 Apps, websites and custom software
Over 100 countries across the globe
Over 17 million downloads and users

Mobile App Development

Unite technical back-end systems with intuitive front-end design to create digital products that users love.

Whether its app development on native Android and iOS, smart devices, web or more, we combine tech, data and design to build superior experiences that get engagement.

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Web Development

Unite technical back-end systems with intuitive front-end design to create digital products that users love.

Whether its web development on a smart device or computer screen, we combine tech, data and design to build superior user experiences that get engagement.

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UX & UI Design

Make usability a priority and create an intuitive experience that leaves a lasting impression on your users.

Utilise audience persona research to test ideas with your users in the real world. Positioning your mission at the centre of fluid and user-friendly design that will achieve your goals and then some.

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Mobile App Development

Legacy Codebase Adoption

No matter the complexity, unwanted behaviours, or bugs, we’re well-versed in evolving, improving, and stabilising existing code bases so that we can push them forward to success.

Consider us the Paris Hilton of codebase inheritance, because we are absolutely minted with experience and expertise refactoring your existing code into a brand-spankin' new life-changing or life-saving tech for good project.

Project Management

Agile Methodology

Make fast and informed decisions in every stage of your project, working with a team that cares as much as you do.

In the tech world, things move fast, but we Cubes need to move even faster; which is why we work our best magic under the agile methodology. With a little collaboration, adaptability, and the experts (YOU) involved, our team is not only there to guide you through the product life cycle, but is committed to ensuring the world’s best brands have the world’s best results.


Launching your product is not the end, we’ll be a stage 5 clinger throughout the life cycle of your software.

Robust and reliable digital products need 24/7 TLC to make iterative improvements and have your back with support *whenever* the need arises. With our support packages, you never have to worry about bugs, app crashes, or software updates because we have seen the negative impact a flimsy digital product can have and want you to have the peace of mind that comes with unwavering support.

Technology to change lives and solve problems

We are experienced with a heap of tech stacks that help us to fuse creativity, strategy and your brand’s vision. Here are a few things we excel at:

App development iOS technology

iOS App Development

Our highly skilled iOS developers deliver reliable and robust apps across the entire range of Apple products.

App development android technology

Android App Development

Resilient apps built to deliver flawless user experiences across all Android devices and wearables.

App development react native technology

Hybrid App Development

Quality hybrid mobile and web applications, and seamless integration with third-party platforms.

App development alert technology

Alerting & Push Notifications

Need to get alerts direct to your user? We helped our clients deliver half a billion push notifications last year.

App development mapping technology

Mapping & Location Tracking

We’ve connected with satellites, APIs and GPS solutions to use data to visualise rainforests, hurricanes, mountains and more.

App development loyalty technology

Loyalty, Rewards & Gamification

Points, prizes and personalisation, just some of the ways we can boost engagement and long term use of your platforms.

App development scalable technology

Scalable Solutions

Prototyping concepts and turning them into highly integrated, multi-national platforms. Size doesn’t matter.

App development payment technology

Seamless Payments

Improve your ROI with in-app donations, retail payments, and omnichannel e-commerce, we’ve done it all.

App development global technology

World-Class Products

Require multi-lingual platforms and worldwide reach? Our apps encompass the globe.

The Sidekick to Superheroes

We’re the Robin to many Batmans across the globe creating successful mobile strategies and solutions that empower our clients to be effective, impactful, and innovative industry leaders.

Reach your niche

We have experience in a number of sectors, explore which platforms and technologies we’ve been championing in your industry.

Charity and non-profit app development

Charity & non-profit

Disaster preparedness app development

Disaster preparedness

Health, fitness and wellness app development

Health & fitness


Social cause & campaigns

Retail and eCommerce app development

Retail & eCommerce

Education and training app development

Education & training

Enterprise app development app development

Enterprise app development

Pharma and healthcare app development

Pharma & healthcare

Automobile and transportation app development

Automobile & transportation

Energy and utilities app development

Energy & utilities


American Red Cross


Transforming blood donations in the USA

With blood donations at an all-time low all across the USA, The American Red Cross reached out to Cube to transform the way America donates blood. Blood Donor is the world’s first blood-tracking app, implementing an entirely new system which lets users know when their donations are used in life-saving operations, as well as receiving shortage alerts when donation centres are low on a user’s certain blood type.






Lives saved

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O2 Touch App

O2 & England Rugby

O2 Touch App

Social Fitness at it's Best

With the rise in popularity of Touch Rugby, O2 and England Rugby reached out to us to develop a solution that could open the game to anyone and everyone, regardless of age, gender or level of ability. The O2 Touch app inspires new players with custom search features, engages existing players with specialised rewards, and reminds old players why they fell in love with the game in the first place.


Touch centres


Games checked into


Active users

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Lush Lens App


Lush Lens App

An App to Save Our Oceans

In an ambitious move to open the world’s first package-free cosmetics store, LUSH needed a way to utilise mobile technology to replace the need for product packaging. Using object recognition and machine learning, we developed an app that recognises LUSH products in the real world, removing the need for packaging by displaying product names, ingredients, origins and benefits.


Images required per product


Lush product range is 'naked'


Plastic bottles saved in 2018

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What we’re about:

Spend time with our team, from initial strategy sessions to user-testing during design sprints, we’ll approach your project with true collaboration to deliver the very best digital solutions that both our teams can be proud of.

Collaborate to be great

We work with your internal teams, your other partners and immerse ourselves in your world.

Give a damn

We only work on projects we care about, this brings out the best in our team’s capabilities.

Get ship done

We’re focussed on one single goal, shipping. Delivering your project on time and on budget.

No bullsh*t

Jargon-free, transparent and honest. No surprises and excellent communication.

Our app development process

1. Discover & Define

We never build solutions that aren’t fit for purpose, Discover and Define sessions aim to uncover if a mobile app is really the best solution to the problems you’re facing. Typically taking around five days, our team join yours, as we dive into your organisation, industry, goals and competition to create a project roadmap and prioritise elements of your project based on the value they add to yourself, your organisation and your users.

2. UX / UI Design Sprints

Design sprints let us prioritise and adapt elements of your project to make sure it’ll achieve your objectives in the most effective and efficient way possible. We test features and functionality with users in the real world. Developing simple, visually-led versions of each feature so that we can make quick iterations based on users feedback, before fully developing these features into the final designs of the app.

3. Development & Rapid Prototyping

The development stages differ mainly depending on which platforms we’re developing for; native Android / iOS apps or cross-platform React-Native apps. Whichever platform is decided on, apps will always incorporate two main elements, the back-end and the front-end. These define the technical parts of projects that users don’t see and the visual designs and interface that users do see. Our team have developed a number of frameworks and APIs that give us the right foundation for any app development project we work on.

4. Continuous Improvement Plans

Post-launch support and maintenance should never be underestimated, app updates usually aim to fix bugs and make adjustments to new OS software, however, C.I. plans are created with all the ideas, features and functionality that didn’t make it into the final app. These plans prioritise elements of your app based on the time, resources and value they add to the project, as well as being used to scale platforms for increased users and traffic moving forwards with the project.

We're a disruptive squad that does things differently

Our dream team of 80+ represent some of the smartest minds in digital. Each project gets a dedicated squad to help you create the solution to your challenge.

Here are just some of the talented people you might work with.

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James - designer - Creative- bw


Creative Team Lead
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