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Tech For Good Talks: Ethical Fashion

In our latest event we tackled the enormous topic of how the fashion industry can be more ethical and ways technology can help. Check out the highlights from it here...


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In our latest webinar our spectacular hosts, MD Rich Strachan, and Head of Commercial, Gabby Crouch tackled the very topical, and very vital conversation surrounding ethical fashion. Talk of fast fashion and sustainability has gained momentum in the last few years, so we wanted to dedicate a ‘Tech For Good Talks’ on how technology can help kick-start a much-needed revolution within the fashion industry.

We are all aware now more than ever just how destructive the industry is on our natural resources. The wastage and cost to human life is astronomical. It is long overdue for there to be accountability and transparency, but that is infinitely easier said than done! With nominal regulation and “greenwashing” aplenty, it’s harder than it should be for people to make ethical decisions when it comes to their consumption.

Increased consumption is big business for the fashion industry. Not only do consumers want to buy, but brands want to sell, which is a hard cycle to break and convince the masses to buy more sustainably. 

Coupled with greenwashing and you have a recipe for disaster.

Approximately 1,800 gallons of water go into producing just one pair of jeans. This number on its own is staggering, but when you then take into account that the 1,800 gallons of water that go into making that ONE single pair of jeans is then full of toxic chemicals that then seep into our water table.

The waste that comes with producing the clothes on our backs is immense. But we can’t just eradicate clothing, the weather in England is FAR too temperamental to encourage a clothes-free society. So where do we go from here?! How can we champion to see real change in an industry that was built on consumerism and a high margin?

It’s so easy to feel discouraged in the battle against the fast fashion juggernaut, but that is the exact reason we wanted to face this issue head-on. To show that the technology is there to shake up an antiquated industry. To offer innovative solutions and assist the reckoning that is being demanded.

But, the more the merrier. To drive real change, collaboration is essential. So that’s what we did! For this event, we assembled The Avengers to help us really dive in and gain a better understanding of the problems surrounding ethical fashion. Well. We didn’t get the actual Avengers (how cool would that be?!) but we gathered a super-hero panel to share their expertise and passion on this subject.

The panel smashed it out of the park! Every single one is such an important part of shaking up the status quo within their careers in the fashion industry. We were lucky enough to have someone from the world’s first digital fashion house, the founder of a sustainable factory and namesake of a 100% vegan brand, to just name a few! Check out our blog giving our panel a proper introduction here.

Don’t worry if you couldn’t make it, you can catch all the action below!

This was another amazing event for the books! We absolutely love delving into topics monthly and engaging with you all. Shout us a holla if you would like to collab for future ‘Tech For Good Talks”.

Our next event is coming in hot on June 29th and will focus on behaviour change, make sure you are all signed up!

Published on May 26, 2021, last updated on May 27, 2021

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