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Tech For Good Talks: How Can Data Solve The Climate Crisis

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Time for another roundup of our latest ‘Tech For Good Talks’ webinar! This month we held our webinar around a topic we had yet to cover, but proved to be one of the most fascinating discussions to date!

It’s easy to look to governments, brands, and large organizations for solutions to the climate crisis. But there is another powerful ally that needs to be included in our battle against climate change, and that is data.

Decisions about climate change are incredibly nuanced, costly, and have long-term implications. It is vital that such decisions are based on the best available evidence. We need to understand the quality and source of that evidence. By sharing and channelling data, we can maximize our efforts to combat carbon emissions and global warming.

The analysis needed to underpin climate change decisions is like fitting a puzzle together. Observations of weather, climate, water resources and agriculture and other sectors are urgently needed. We need to provide model projections of the future for all of the above. Finally, specialists in different sectors need to work with scientists to interpret the information in a way that is relevant to them in order to make informed decisions.

This may sound like an impossible task, but it’s already happening and we discussed several examples of how over the course of the webinar.

Some of our projects using data to save the planet

While we assembled the A-Team to delve into how data can be leveraged to fight climate change, we also have some heritage in that space and discussed a few of our apps and platforms out there that rely on data to show the real-time emergency we are facing, and allow citizens to fight against deforestation.


The Global Commons Alliance reached out to 3 Sided Cube as they wanted to create a dashboard to showcase the planetary emergency at COP26 and communicate with the population using near real-time data.

With climate change being one of the biggest challenges we face as humans, Global Commons Alliance were keen to bring this concept to life using data journalism – the combination of data and technology from and Resource Watch with environmental news articles from Mongabay and NowThis Earth. The team needed expert guidance and wanted to use our experience to create a dashboard that was easily digestible.

Find out more about the project below:

Global Forest Watch

Forest Watcher is a mobile application created with our client Global Forest Watch to empower users to easily monitor forests, access deforestation alerts, and detect changes using near real-time data and mapping tech.

Part of the World Resources Institute, the initiative aims to harness cutting-edge technology to track what’s happening in our forests right now. Forest Watcher uses visualisation software, mapping, and tracking alerts in order to help prevent deforestation, report illegal logging and help organisations to maintain an ethical supply chain.

Find out more about the project below:

Our Wonderful Hosts

Our hosts…

Puff Story – Co Founder, USA – 3 Sided Cube

Dana Snyder – Founder and CEO – Positive Equation

The Data Experts

We wanted to ensure that we represented people across a wide range of knowledge. Pulling together an amazing panel of data experts gave us the opportunity to discuss and learn how data can be used to help solve the climate crisis.

Our expert panel includes…

Some of the discussion points brought to the panel were:

  • What software/tech is your organization utilizing to get the data you need?
  • How has data been used within your organization?
  • What challenges have you faced with using data?
  • What’s the biggest insight about utilizing data that you can share here today?
  • What potential does data have to solve the crisis?

Don’t worry if you missed it, catch-up here!

And that concludes another ‘Tech for Good Talk’! We love having these conversations and engaging with businesses, charities and individuals to help change the world. We truly believe that tech is limitless in it’s potential to impact the global challenges we face. If you have any suggestions or want to get involved in a future talk, give us a holla!

If you missed us live, you can catch up on the whole conversation above and be sure to sign-up for our next live event, tickets are free and available online!

Published on September 30, 2022, last updated on October 3, 2022

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