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We’re breaking up with plastic this month, join us!

Find out what Plastic-Free July is, how all of us at 3 Sided Cube are celebrating, and how you can get involved!



Eco-warriors, assemble!

Are you ready to don your capes and join the epic battle against plastic pollution? Don’t worry, no superhuman fight for the planet is required – just your participation in Plastic-Free July. This is your chance to get involved in a global movement that brings together individuals, communities, and even *wink* app development agencies to fight the prominent plastic problem (we’re suckers for alliteration)

Plastic-Free July (or PFJ as all the cool kids say) is an opportunity to look at our individual plastic consumption and pledge to make a change…sounds easy enough, right? For those still on the fence, here are a few reasons why we all need to break up with plastic:

  1. Only 9% of all plastic produced is recycled
  2. Every minute of every day a truckload of plastic is dumped into the ocean
  3. One million plastic bottles are bought every minute
  4. 99% of seabirds will be eating plastic by 2050
  5. The average person eats 70,000 microplastics each year
  6. The average time that a plastic bag is used is just 12 minutes

Not great – but all is not lost. As individuals, we can have a positive impact, and as a global movement, we can generate significant, notable change. In 2022, Plastic Free July was marked worldwide by a record 140 million participants making conscious changes and reducing their waste by 2.6 million tonnes – that’s the equivalent of around 13 thousand blue whales.

We got this!

In this blog post, we will explore what Plastic-Free July is all about and how your friendly neighbourhood app agency is getting involved. Buckle up, grab your reusable water bottles, and get ready to make your own plastic-free pledge.

What is Plastic Free July and why is it important?

Plastic-Free July is a global movement that kicked off in 2011 by the Plastic Free Foundation to challenge us to cut our plastic habits throughout the month. This movement empowers individuals to rethink their daily habits, refuse unnecessary plastic, and seek eco-friendly alternatives. By choosing reusable items, supporting local businesses, and making conscious purchasing decisions, participants contribute to a plastic-free future.

But wait, there’s more!

PFJ isn’t just about us flexing our eco-muscles. It’s also a community-building global extravaganza. We come together, high-five our fellow champions for green, and swap tips and tricks for a plastic-free lifestyle. It’s an opportunity to share our successes and mishaps, and through solidarity, inspire each other to keep fighting the good fight.

Now, let’s talk about the perks. By participating, we become part of the change our earth so desperately needs to happen. We reduce plastic waste, preventing it from clogging our oceans and endangering adorable sea creatures. We slash our carbon footprint, helping Mother Earth breathe a little easier.

Plastic-free is the new black!

How we are celebrating this plastic free occasion

As an app development agency, on a mission to build tech for good, we have an extraordinary opportunity to leverage technology to promote sustainable alternatives. (Check out the app we built that transforms the way the world recycles here) We develop mobile applications that educate and empower users to make conscious choices, adopt eco-friendly habits, and access plastic-free alternatives.

While we firmly believe that technology holds the key to unlocking solutions to some of the biggest problems facing us globally, if we’re gonna talk the talk, we gotta walk the walk. This is how 3 Sided Cube is commemorating this plastic-free occasion:

  • Individual Cubie pledges (keep scrolling to see what our Cube’s are pledging to give up this month and hopefully beyond)
  • The team is going to hit the seashores to pick up all the gross plastic and nurdles mucking up our beautiful local beach
  • Review our weekly food shop to ensure everything getting delivered to HQ is eco-friendly
  • A recycling quiz for the entire team to make sure all our Cubie’s recycling know-how is up-to-date

Our Cube's Pledges

Kev Borrill

I'm going plastic-free with my loo roll and am using "Who Gives a Crap" for all my sustainable tp needs!

Nicky Leung

I'm replacing my big ass, nasty plastic shampoo bottles with some of Lush's shampoo bars.

Lottie Dawson-Meade

I pledge to refuse single-use coffee cups and to embrace my reusable hot pink cup when getting my caffeine kick on the go!

Emilie Harmer

Bye bye giant Fairy bottles - from now on I'm using washing up bars!

Iuri Popov

My pledge is to no longer use single-use water bottles and always have my refillable bottle at the ready.

Bina Nanavati

From now on I am going to be refilling my shower gel with Topup Truck and stop just buying a new bottle when I'm out!

I hope this has inspired you to go forth and participate in PFJ!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the change that needs to happen, but remember this: the future of plastic consumption is looking bright! Governments, businesses, and global citizens like yourself are rising to the challenge. They’re innovating and creating sustainable alternatives that make plastic-free living easier than ever before.

Imagine a world where compostable packaging is the norm, where refill stations are as common as coffee shops, and where plastic-eating bacteria are there to save the day. We’re on the cusp of a plastic revolution, people.

Let us know how you get on with Plastic-Free July and what your pledge is, we’d love to hear!


Published on July 11, 2023, last updated on July 18, 2023

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