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3 Sided Cube Talks: How Can Tech Save Our Planet

In our latest '3 Sided Cube Talks' webinar, we talked through the immense power technology holds in turning the tides of the climate crisis. Read our latest blog to catch up on the discussion...


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At this point in our collective concern over the growing climate crisis, we know what needs to be done but it’s an entirely different matter on how to make that necessary change happen. We see the immense power that technology yields in this battle and are the biggest proponents of utilising it.

Yet, it’s daunting to know where to start.

That’s exactly why we held this webinar!

From large brands and organisations, all the way to us as individuals, there is so much technology available that can support a global green agenda.

In our latest ‘Tech For Good talks’ we looked at just how vital technology is in turning the tides of the climate crisis and exciting new innovation that is going to help us do just that. Our hosts Richard Strachan and Gabby Crouch were keen to talk through just how doable this task is with our inspiration panel.

The scene had been set, we talked through some of our tech out there saving the planet, and inspiring new pieces of innovation. Such as the Forest Watcher app we built for our client, Global Forest Watch, to empower users to easily monitor forests, access deforestation alerts and detect changes using near real-time data and mapping tech which helps bring data straight into the hands of environmental defenders.

Now it was time to open up the discussion to our ahhhh-mazing panel!

Meet the climate warriors

We were thrilled to assemble these climate change Avengers for this ‘Tech For Good Talks’ panel. They each have varying experiences working to save our planet, so it was our honour and privilege to welcome them to our webinar.

You can find a bit more about them here:

The discussion questions we covered with them were:
  • How is your organisation utilising technology to save the planet?
  • What is the role of technology and innovation? Will this become more important in the future?
  • Examples of game-changing technology that is helping the population be more sustainable

Don’t worry if you missed the panel discussion. You can catch up on all the action here:

It was an absolute pleasure to delve into this topic with the panelists and look at how technology can be an enabler and how collaboration is really key!


Published on April 25, 2023, last updated on May 4, 2023

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