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Design Inspiration: Four Beards One Pencil. Vol. 5

Did you know there was a museum dedicated to failure? Or that you can 3D print a topographical map of any place in the world? Well now you do, and there’s plenty more of awesome stuff you can find out about in this volume of Design Inspiration!


design inspiration vol 5

This week team James tells us what has tickled their beards.

N.B. – the growth of facial hair is not a requirement for working here.

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1) Typeface design of the week - Integral:

A cut-through, hard-hitting display face born for punchy, no bullshit statement.

font design that we love

2) Throwback inspiration of the week - Crash Bandicoot:

Flee the boulder that haunted your childhood nightmares and feast on those delicious Wumpa fruits in remastered HD on your PS4.

3) Refreshing thought of the week - celebrating failure:

The Nokia N-Gage and Donald Trump’s board game feature in this Swedish museum‘s veneration of failed products. It’s designed to promote the idea that failure is inevitable, often humorous and a part of the design process not to be feared but embraced.

Thinking about the team that thought a Colgate Frozen Lasagne range definitely makes us feel better when we don’t get it bang on…

4) Something that we're excited about:

This awesome project by UNIT 9 combines the tactile feel of a real foosball table with a slick interface that allows you to play as real teams.

5) Viewpoint of the week - Craiglist's UX Experience:

A fascinating article on why Craiglist’s interface, which shatters all the classical principles of good UI design, is actually a triumph from a UX point of view.

Broadly, the more ‘rustic’ interface puts the focus on to real people and interactions, moving away from streamlined slickness to give users a satisfying experience where they feel like they have accomplished a task of finding a bargain amidst a near information overload.

6) We want one of those' - Topo Topo:

Topo Topo creates a 3D printable puzzle out of location terrain. Even if you’re not after one, the flow of generating places as 3D map tiles in their interface is a super-satisfying one.

design inspiration topo topo

7) 'We wish we could afford one of those’ - Tesla 3:

July 28th ushers in the era of mainstream ownership of electric cars as the Tesla Model 3 ships. The new model is priced at around £28,000 and can purportedly do 215 miles on a single charge (it also looks pretty swish in that silver? ).

tesla model 3 design inspiration

8) UX design of the month - Interface Lovers:

Interface lovers is a collection of pithy, informal interviews where UX and UI designers who are the top players in the tech industry talk about their process, work environments and inspirations. The mixes are also great for when the office playlist needs a bit of a refresh.

design inspiration UX

Published on July 21, 2017, last updated on June 18, 2018

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