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Design Inspiration: Four Beards One Pencil. Vol. 4

Whether you’re sick of not understanding commonly-used jargon and too embarrassed to ask people what they mean. Or you’re looking for a games console that can fit in a box of mints, either way, we’ve got you covered on this volume of Design Inspiration: Four Beards. One Pencil.


design inspiration vol 4

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1) Brand design of the week - Level Airline:

Next ‘Level’ minimalism in new budget airline Level’s branding. Really making some basic colours and shapes look a lot better than they logically should in this super confident execution.

Level brand design inspiration

2) Website inspiration of the week - Sideways Dictionary:

A great glossary of all the technical mumbo jumbo what developers say. With fantastic analogies that make some of the buzz words we say a lot easier to understand.

sideways dictionary design inspiration

3) Re-brand that got our attention - Fanta:

Fanta’s rebrand with a pleasingly 90’s Nickelodeon slant.

fanta rebrand design inspiration

4) Something we’re excited for - WipEout:

One of the first games to really champion graphic design, WipEout, is released in its latest iteration this summer. The sci-fi aesthetic with neo-Tokyo typography, ship and team motif design were revolutionary at the time and we can’t wait to see how this has been pushed on the PS4 (The weapons and racing were pretty damn cool too).

5) Creative inspiration - Kendrick:

Kendrick’s Video for HUMBLE – It’s been out for a while, but this video is still beguilingly awesome. A trippy mix of scenes that must have been pretty damn hard to pitch as a concept!

6) Podcasts of the week - Debbie Millman and Michael Bierut:

We’ve been enjoying the number of designers appearing on podcasts at the moment…Tim Ferriss’s podcast with Debbie Millman and 99% Invisible with Michael Bierut were awesome.

7) Innovation of the week - mintyPi:

A games console that fits in a tin of mints… fresh.

mintyPi design inspiration

Published on April 29, 2017, last updated on February 24, 2020

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