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Pixel-perfect mobile app design.

Mobile app design that resonates with users and leaves a lasting impression. Our design team combine intuitive user experiences with bespoke interface designs, following a user-centric process to design mobile apps that use technical understanding to put the user at the heart of everything we do.

Over 200 Apps, websites and custom software
Over 100 countries across the globe
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Inspiring users with every touch, tap and scroll

What’s your message?

We believe in collaborating closely with our partners to express your brands vision in a way which inspires and excites audiences to get behind your cause.

Designing experiences which are as intuitive as they are engaging, our mobile apps are more than skin-deep and have the depth to truly shape perceptions of any organisation we work with.

Wonderbly iOS App Development


Wonderbly iOS App Development

Designing an app to make children the heroes of their own story

Our challenge was taking the beautifully printed children's book, Lost My Name, and creating a digital counterpart which could create the same sentimental experience between children and parents, by telling stories unique to each and every individual user. The Wonderbly app lets children create stories based on different characters for each letter in their name, here's how we designed the iPhone and iPad app to be intuitive enough for children to both understand and engage with.


Stories Created


Retention Rate


In App Store's 'new apps we love'

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Forest Watcher Featured Image Android

Global Forest Watch

Forest Watcher Featured Image Android

Putting Data in the Hands of Environmental Defenders

With deforestation destroying the earth’s most fragile ecosystem, we partnered with Global Forest Watch to develop a conservation app that empowered environmental defenders. Letting users monitor areas of forest and report on evidence on deforestation in their regions.


Tree cover loss in 2017


Live reports


Mapping resolution

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RSPB Charity App


RSPB Charity App

Nature conservation from the comfort of your own garden

In an effort to save species and give nature a home, The RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) approached 3 Sided Cube with the idea of giving their supporters everything they needed to contribute towards the charity's cause from the comfort of their own homes. We designed a mobile app which gave users min projects that could be personalised by the size of garden, number of people and amount of time that people had available.


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Brands we've designed mobile apps with

Design your future

We’re passionate about collaborating with exciting brands and inspiring organisations trying to solve the impossible. Let’s get together and figure out how a mobile app can help achieve your mission and bring your vision to life.

Fusing creativity with technical understanding

Our process is trialled and tested through years of designing experiences and interfaces that users adore. Working alongside inspirational brands to bring their vision to life and change the way communities perceive them. From sketching initial ideas to prototyping low-fidelity designs, here’s what we do in the realms of mobile app design.

Design Discovery


Our Discover workshops are articulated to build a shared understanding of the problem you're trying to solve, user research and work finished to date, your desired outcomes and current technical architecture.

Design Ideation


Our collaborative ideation workshops take what we’ve learnt from the discover phase and focuses on turning them into potential solutions, of which we can explore and further define.

Design Definition


Defining a set of features and an initial information architecture, which we can wireframe and prototype to user test later down the line. We also define the first pass of user stories and acceptance criteria.

Design User Testing

User Testing

Testing our concepts, wireframes and prototypes with users across the globe, in either face-to-face or remote testing sessions.

Design Iteration

Iterating Prototypes

Refine concepts, wireframes, prototypes and designs based on user feedback and the elements of the project which adds the most value to your end-users.

Designing Solutions

Designing Solutions

Adapting designs based on information from the user research, discover and define stages, to inform wireframes and high-fidelity designs which give a more finalised version of the finished product.

Design Build and Release

Building & Releasing

Handing over the final, high-fidelity designs, flows and component libraries to the developers to begin building, testing and releasing to the app stores.

Design Feedback

Feeding Back

Receiving feedback from end-users before and after the release of projects to ensure that our apps are performing as highly as they should be, providing constant improvement plans and project roadmaps.

Design Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Working with our clients to make sure their products are continually improving by introducing new feature requests and handling usability issues.

Sketching solutions for any niche that needs us

Our design philosophy, strategy and process mean we can approach any app development project with a solid understanding of how different audiences interact with brands on mobile. Whether it’s life-saving content during natural disasters or unique stories for children, we design mobile apps that resonate with audiences in any niche.

Charity and non-profit app development

Charity & NonProfit

Disaster preparedness app development

Disaster Preparedness

Health, fitness and wellness app development

Health & Fitness


Social Cause & Campaign

Retail and eCommerce app development

Retail & eCommerce

Education and training app development

Education & Training

Enterprise app development app development

Enterprise App Development

Pharma and healthcare app development

Pharma & Healthcare

Automobile and transportation app development

Automobile & Transportation

Energy and utilities app development

Energy & Utilities

Meet our creative clan of mobile app designers

With experience in branding, animation, print and digital, our design team bring together knowledge from a range of different backgrounds to design apps which innovate the way communities interact with brands on mobile.

Our mobile app design process

1. Design Strategy

At the start of any app development project, we research and discuss your ideas, business, goals and users to roadmap projects and make sure we’re building a solution fit for purpose. This allows us to prioritise features and functionality based on all of the above, informing not only how the app looks and feels, but also how users will engage and interact with any given solution.

2. Journey Mapping

Our app design team use Sketch and Zeplin to map out user journeys and create examples of how users will interact with apps and various screens within them. Architecting features, functionality and content while ensuring that these are presented and prioritised in a way which adds the most value to end users.

3. Wireframing

At this stage, we create low-fidelity designs which mimic the way users will interact with any given app. Providing both interfaces and user journeys that map out the apps architecture and ensures it provides users with everything they need, in a way which adds the most value to their experience with your brand.

4. Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping and design sprints ensure that after we’ve designed certain aspects of apps, they’re tested with users in the real world, gaining insights and feedback that help inform adapted designs and iterations. This stage ensures we’re designing apps in a way which is defined by the people actually using them.

5. Polish & Deliver

Once our apps have gone through development to get the backend functionality built, our final, high-fidelity designs incorporate things like typography, iconography, illustration and animations. Incorporating brand elements and polishing our mobile app designs to make them not only beautiful to look at, but engaging and appealing to interact with.

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Mobile App Development

Legacy Codebase Adoption

No matter the complexity, unwanted behaviours, or bugs, we’re well-versed in evolving, improving, and stabilising existing code bases so that we can push them forward to success.

Consider us the Paris Hilton of codebase inheritance, because we are absolutely minted with experience and expertise refactoring your existing code into a brand-spankin' new life-changing or life-saving tech for good project.

Mobile App Development

Unite technical back-end systems with intuitive front-end design to create digital products that users love.

Whether its app development on native Android and iOS, smart devices, web or more, we combine tech, data and design to build superior experiences that get engagement.

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Web Development

Unite technical back-end systems with intuitive front-end design to create digital products that users love.

Whether its web development on a smart device or computer screen, we combine tech, data and design to build superior user experiences that get engagement.

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We explore tech of the future to discover which innovations are shaping the future. Staying ahead of the game and finding solutions to some of the world's biggest problems.

From mapping the impact of natural disasters to developing Alexa Skills that teach children to read, if you're facing a challenge that technology could solve, chances are we're already exploring the solution.

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Project Management

Agile Methodology

Make fast and informed decisions in every stage of your project, working with a team that cares as much as you do.

In the tech world, things move fast, but we Cubes need to move even faster; which is why we work our best magic under the agile methodology. With a little collaboration, adaptability, and the experts (YOU) involved, our team is not only there to guide you through the product life cycle, but is committed to ensuring the world’s best brands have the world’s best results.


Launching your product is not the end, we’ll be a stage 5 clinger throughout the life cycle of your software.

Robust and reliable digital products need 24/7 TLC to make iterative improvements and have your back with support *whenever* the need arises. With our support packages, you never have to worry about bugs, app crashes, or software updates because we have seen the negative impact a flimsy digital product can have and want you to have the peace of mind that comes with unwavering support.

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