Alexa Skill Development

We develop Alexa Skills that give brands a new voice.

With the rise in adoption of voice assistants and Alexa-enabled devices, we give brands a new voice on an emerging platform, one which has a huge potential to transform the way users engage and interact with brands through technology. By focusing on conversational design, our Alexa Skill development team know how to make Skills that are human and natural for any audience to interact with.

Over 200 Apps, websites and custom software
Over 100 countries across the globe
Over 17 million downloads and users

Last year more than 3,500 brands joined the Alexa skill development wave

There’s a lot of buzz right now around the role voice assistants play in digital strategies. But does Alexa really live up to the hype?

With the mass adoption of home voice assistants and voice-enabled devices, Amazon and Alexa Skill developers have created far more innovative ways to harness the power of the technology.

From telling children’s stories to educating users and providing a more accessible platform, there’s no doubt that Alexa skill development will play a vital role in the way brands use new technology to provide a unique and innovative experience for their users.


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Alexa Skill Development Projects

Alexa Skill development prototype


Alexa Skill development prototype

Brewing the perfect cup of coffee with Alexa

Brewing the perfect cup of coffee with an Aeropress, BrewGuide utilises conversational design to mirror natural speech patterns, taking you through a step-by-step guide to make sure you’re making the most out of your coffee brewing equipment with the perfect process. Set up the Skill by selecting the type of brew your attempting and follow the process to get recommendations tailored to the individual users taste.

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Omni-channel Alexa Skill development


Omni-channel Alexa Skill development

Booking gig tickets with Alexa, mobile and web

SoundCheck is a prototype our Alexa Skill development team created to test the limits of cross-platform capabilities. Working in real-time, the Skill lets users search for gig tickets through Alexa-enabled devices, browse results on a mobile app and purchase tickets through a website portal. Letting you pick up any stage of your journey on any of the channels provided by the platform.

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Children's Alexa Skill Development-47


Children's Alexa Skill Development-47

Teaching children to read with Alexa

We challenged the team with developing an Alexa Skill that could teach children how to read. StoryCircle can read any story to children and prompt them to finish off sentences by reading specific words and phrases, progressing through the story by getting these right and learning along the way by using phonics. Alexa actually sounds out words and uses a ‘repeat-after-me’ method to progress children through stories with increasing difficulty.

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A few organisations we've given a voice

We work with changemaker brands who want to harness the power of emerging technology like voice to change the way they interact and engage with their communities. These are just a few of the organisations we work with.

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What's your Alexa Skill challenge?

Join forces with our development team to bring voice ideas to life and create a new platform for your users to engage and interact with.

The technology behind our Alexa Skills

We’re experienced in using a range of features and functionality when it comes to Alexa Skill development, both within the capabilities of mobile apps and beyond. Things like user profiles, geolocation and push notifications are all possible, but it’s the way in which users interact with the VUI (Voice User Interface) that adds the most possibilities to what Alexa Skills can do.

App development conversation technology

User Profiles

Setting up profiles, joining teams and adding items to user baskets are all possible with unique onboarding flows and integrating other systems.

App development planning technology

Location Monitoring

Tapping into the technical elements of Alexa-enabled devices, we use location-based identifiers, like wi-fi, to monitor, change and target locations all around the world.

App development Alexa technology

Content Delivery

With the lack of visual aid, content often gets lost in translation. Our Alexa Skill development team specialise in delivering content through voice which gets the message across in an engaging and innovative way.

App development alert technology

Notifications & Alerts

We’ve built systems that send alerts to Alexa-enabled devices, with preferences and options to customise each and every individual alert, we know how to send Alexa notifications that users find useful and not annoying.

App development voice technology

Conversational Design

Mimicking natural speech patterns, designing for human pauses and adapting for different tones of voice, our Alexa Skill development team know the best way to make Alexa as human and natural to interact with as possible.

App development integration technology

Platform Integration

Our team have integrated Alexa Skills with many existing platforms, allowing users to start, stop and continue their journeys in real-time through voice, websites, mobile apps and more.

Reach communities of all shapes and sizes

With the rise of home voice assistants comes the opportunity for Alexa to be used across a number of different industries and sectors. But with all their differences, one thing is for certain; Alexa will play a crucial role in the way communities interact with brands, no matter which niche is in question.

Charity and non-profit app development

Charity & NonProfit

Disaster preparedness app development

Disaster Preparedness

Health, fitness and wellness app development

Health & Fitness


Social Cause & Campaign

Retail and eCommerce app development

Retail & eCommerce

Education and training app development

Education & Training

Enterprise app development app development

Enterprise App Development

Pharma and healthcare app development

Pharma & Healthcare

Automobile and transportation app development

Automobile & Transportation

Energy and utilities app development

Energy & Utilities

Meet our Alexa Skill development team

Rich has a particular passion for using new tech for good, with voice and Alexa catching his eye from the very beginning, he’s our go-to man for all things Alexa. James specialises in conversational design, mirroring natural speech patterns and making Alexa Skills as human and natural to interact with as possible. Kev, on the other hand, has an abundance of backend knowledge which translates into writing SSML and connecting our Alexa Skills to websites, mobile apps and more.


Managing Director.

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Frontend Developer.

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James - designer - Creative- bw


Design Team Lead.

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Our Alexa Skill development process

1. Mapping User Journeys

Conversations get complicated. Our team design user flows that branch off for different user responses, making sure that each and every voice interaction progresses users through their journey and lets them find what they’re looking for or achieve their goal in the most intuitive and efficient way.

2. Developing Voice Interactions

We teach Alexa to respond to different interactions, recognising words and phrases as well the synonyms of these and other ways of saying the same thing. Alexa can recognise the intent behind interactions and what the user is asking, meaning that conversations can be held without users having to repeat the exact same words in the exact right order.

3. Designing Conversations

Mirroring natural speech patterns means training Alexa to talk more like a human. Our Alexa Skills take breaks or pauses during speech, adapt pronunciation and tone of voice, exaggerate certain words or sounds and even use sets of keywords or phrases that represent a specific persona.

4. Integrating with other Platforms

Be it apps, websites or any other Alexa-enabled device (think speaker systems, smart screens and home appliances), our Alexa Skill development team utilise backend technology to let user's experience with brands span across multiple platforms. Stopping, starting and continuing their journey on Alexa, mobile apps, websites and more.

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We explore tech of the future to discover which innovations are shaping the future. Staying ahead of the game and finding solutions to some of the world's biggest problems.

From mapping the impact of natural disasters to developing Alexa Skills that teach children to read, if you're facing a challenge that technology could solve, chances are we're already exploring the solution.

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