From tackling environmental challenges to sculpting app development masterpieces like digital Michelangelo’s, our multidimensional reports take a deep dive into industry sectors, technologies, and the very best practices.

Is AI the secret weapon to fight global crises?

We reached out to thousands of decision-makers at purpose-led organisations across the humanitarian, disaster response, and environmental sectors, and the results are IN!

Download our latest report to unleash AI superpowers to save lives, predict disasters, and empower your organisation

Changing millions of lives for the better: Year in Review

We are the trust technology partner for world changing organisations including The American Red Cross, UNHCR, World Resources Institute and National Protective Security Authority.

Find out how we’ve helped our clients increase their impact through the power of technology over the last year.

Igniting a green revolution: how we can boost sustainable brand and consumer behaviour

This report seeks to understand the attitudes of both businesses and the general public towards sustainability in the UK. By doing so, we aim to provide insight into the motivations and the obstacles surrounding sustainability which we face collectively. The purpose of this is to provide greater insight into how society can be encouraged to be more sustainable, given the pivotal role played by consumers and businesses.

Impact Report: How we've helped our clients increase their impact in 2021

Within this report, we will be shining a spotlight on the impact that a few of our clients have had in 2021. As a mission led organisation, we are often asked how to best measure and report impact. We believe that a good starting point are the key global challenges captured in the UN sustainable development goals. These goals act as a guiding light as they help us to ensure the work we’re doing supports global progress.

Bridging the gap: Why people don't make more sustainable decisions and how to fix it

Why don’t people act on their sustainable intentions? This report seeks to understand why the intention-action gap exists for consumers when it comes to making sustainable decisions. Based on nationally representative survey data, this report analyses and highlights the most informative findings and provides solutions aimed at businesses and policy makers to help bridge the gap for consumers.


We conducted market research with 1,000 participants to find out their opinions and attitudes to living sustainably. This insight survey shares highlights from respondents that come from every walk of life to demonstrate their commitment and desire to change as well as the wider government perspective on UK waste and recycling practices.


When communities rely on you to keep them safe in the face of catastrophe, being up-to-date on the latest tech can be the difference between life and death. Find out which features of disaster management apps could make you the first thought in people’s minds when they need help the most.


In a world where we’re addicted to our smartphones and app interactions literally release chemicals in our brains. What impact do modern online experiences have on our mental health? More importantly, what can we do to ensure we’re designing ethically with our user’s best interests at heart?

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