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Two of our apps have been nominated for a Webby award!

3 Sided Cube has been nominated for The Webby Awards for our work with the American Red Cross and UNHCR, The Refugee Agency. The Webby Awards is the leading international digital award, honoring the best of the internet.


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You know the saying, “No news is good news”? 

Well. Get your party pants on, ‘cause we have SPECTACULAR NEWS!

3 Sided Cube has been nominated for not one, but TWO The Webby Awards for our work with the American Red Cross and UNHCR, The Refugee Agency! It is the ultimate honour to be recognised, so regardless of the outcome, you can find us celebrating the news in the lead-up to the ceremony.

For those thinking, “What does it mean to be nominated for a Webby?!”

The Webby Awards is the leading international digital award, honouring the best of the internet. Think the Oscars but for all the fantastic and innovative tech projects out there! This means our work has been singled out as one of the five best in the world in its category, meaning it’s among the top 12% of the nearly 14,000 projects entered. We are so extraordinarily proud to be in such fantastic company nominated for the award!

There are two honours presented at the awards, including The Webby Award, which is judged by a panel, and The Webby People’s Voice Award, voted by the public. YOU! That’s right. Our chance for the award lies in your capable hands. With great power, comes great responsibility (that Spiderman pep talk applies here, right?). So please, pop over to the website and vote for both of these incredible and impactful projects! 

Our Webby nominated projects


Mother nature can be devastating, so our disaster management app needed to be robust enough that people could rely on it. The American Red Cross approached us with the idea of a platform that allowed users to prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural disasters.

The non-digital methods of preparing for disasters were not reaching a wide enough audience, and there was an obvious need for a digital solution – specifically a mobile app development project that could educate people so they would know what to do in emergency situations, alert them when they’re in immediate danger and providing all the tools they need to make sure their friends and family are safe.

The Native app allows users to monitor more than 46 different weather and emergency alerts, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornados. This platform allows the American Red Cross to communicate with the population in an entirely new way, providing a real-time solution during numerous disasters and enabling users to contact loved ones to let them know they’re safe, find the nearest shelter and track the storm.

Connecting World’s Mentor

This app was created in consultation with refugees and is a React Native app that utilizes multi-language content. The primary focus of the app is security because the safety of refugees is essential. So we included many checkpoints in place to ensure this.

This app allows refugees and donors to set up a profile and then become matched with someone of the same gender. Once profiles are approved, the donor is prompted to send their first message, which is then automatically translated into the native language of the recipient. As additional fail-safes, there are two human interventions as well as an intermediary API to ensure the content adheres to the UNHCR Community standards and that communication is translated accurately. As well as integrations with Google and Azure APIs the app utilizes the ZenDesk support platform to ensure users can communicate seamlessly with UNHCR directly to raise any issues.

Donations to Connecting Worlds Mentor provide an entire one-year scholarship to bright refugee students. This enables UNHCR supporters and refugee students to come together to create a mentoring relationship where professional knowledge and support are shared with the next generation of talented refugees.

Time on the app provides invaluable support, guidance, and access to skills and experiences that are so important to people at a crucial time in their lives.

We are looking forward to virtually celebrating the 27th Annual Webby Awards on Monday, May 15th!

Published on April 20, 2023, last updated on September 19, 2023

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