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Igniting Change Podcast Season 3: Episode 24

In an Igniting Change first, we have Vicky Godfrey back in the hot seat to give us an update on the challenges and successes of launching an app now that DNApal has launched in the iOS store!


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Our hosts were so excited to have Vicky back for the final episode of season 3 of Igniting Change! 

Last time, we discussed all the ins and outs of DNApal as well as how they use technology to help and support people to make better lifestyle choices. Check out her previous episode here.

Now 3 months later, DNApal’s iOS and Android apps are both live! Vicky joins us again to talk about the challenges and highlights in her journey of releasing an app to empower people with the knowledge of how their body works.

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Meet Vicky

Vicky Godfrey is the CEO and Co-Founder of DNApal, as well as a Registered Nutritional Therapist. From having the initial idea for DNApal in a Tesco food aisle, Vicky has brought her idea to life to help people make healthy choices based on their genetics.

But anything worth doing comes with challenges. Sourcing investment, having a smaller marketing budget, and encouraging feedback from users are some of the common ones in this space.

However, DNApal is still in its early stages and a huge roadmap lies ahead. These learning curves have meant that Vicky and the team can plan the next steps, build trust with their audience and even work on some new features coming to the app in the near future!

You’re learning at every stage. Every time you launch a new feature, you’re learning when people use it and give you feedback

Vicky Godfrey, CEO and Co-Founder, DNApal

About DNApal

DNApal is an app that gives you access to personalised health advice based on your DNA raw data. Using results from a DNA test as well as your current lifestyle habits, the app calculates the exact diet, lifestyle, and supplements you need to stay healthy.

The DNApal team have been using genetic testing, interpretation, and protocols in private clinics for over 10 years to achieve successful results. Now it can be in the palm of your hand!

The current features include:

  • DNA Insights & Advice
  • Lifestyle Consultant questionnaire
  • Set Challenges & Goals
  • Recipes & Meal Plans
  • Supplement Advice
  • And a booking system for 1-on-1 consultation 

Listen to the full episode here

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Published on July 26, 2023, last updated on August 24, 2023

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