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Tech For Good Talks: Behaviour Change

For our latest 'Tech For Good Talks', we covered how vital behaviour change was in design and the climate crisis. Catch up on all the action from the event below!


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In our latest ‘Tech For Good Talks’ our wonderful hosts, Rich and Gabby started the very vital conversation surrounding behaviour change. It is such a powerful tool, yet changing behaviours is hard. From quitting smoking to setting a routine, it can be difficult to change or create new habits. That’s where technology comes in, when used for good, the ability to change behaviours positively can have an immense impact on a persons wellbeing or even on the environment.

And that is exactly what our hosts jumped right in to talk about!

Building digital products, and oh so many apps, we have used the behaviour change theory, or ‘nudged’ users into engaging with our products in a way that is beneficial for them or even society. By offering badges for blood donation, it encourages users to donate that desperately needed blood to earn the next badge.

Of course, there are those sinister, no-good companies that are using dark patterns to gamble more or make the process of opting out of their services damn near impossible. But we didn’t come here to talk about them! We wanted to really delve into how design can keep the users best interest at heart, and how behaviour change could be so useful in the climate change battle. 

So we brought in the big guns to share their expertise, and make up for one helluva panel. Our very own Cubes, James and Greg kicked off the discussion with some great examples and their expert take on the UX of behaviour change. Rosie Isbell, and Mark Maslin then joined to round out the panel to share their invaluable insights and real lived experiences working with behaviour change

If you missed it, don’t worry! You can catch up on all the action below.

This was another amazing event for the books! We absolutely love delving into topics monthly and engaging with you all. Shout us a holla if you would like to collab for future ‘Tech For Good Talks”.

Our next event is coming in hot on July 20th and will focus on the future of fundraising, make sure you are all signed up!

Published on June 30, 2021, last updated on June 30, 2021

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