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Tech For Good Talks: Disaster Management

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Every year there are about 354 natural disasters globally, and of those disasters, about 210 million people are affected. Which is just a staggering number! Made even more so by the fact that an average of 68,000 people lose their lives in disasters every single year.

When disaster strikes, apps can save lives.

That number is heartbreaking in itself, but the good news is, that number is reducing! Throughout history, statistics show that number has been steadily decreasing in the last century. It’s no coincidence that this is happening at the same time that technology is advancing. We can’t stop these high-impact, low-frequency events from happening, but we can minimise the number of people that lose their lives because of them.

As climate change has rapidly become one of the world’s biggest problems, global organisations, passionate individuals and sustainable nations have all come together to combat the negative impact we’re having on our environment. This is why the concept of disaster preparedness is so vital now more than ever and why we wanted to hold a ‘Tech For Good Talk’ all about how technology can support disaster management.

But what exactly is disaster preparedness and why is it so important? The IFRC describes it best by saying:

Disaster preparedness is preparing for disasters to save countless lives, speed up people’s recovery, save money and ultimately prevent and reduce the impacts of disasters on communities.

What disaster management means at Cube

As climate change worsens, so does the frequency of these catastrophic events. So all of us at 3 Sided Cube has been passionate about getting technology into people’s hands that not only helps them prepare for but respond to and recover from such an event. Our work concentrates on three areas of disaster management:

  • Preparedness
  • Response
  • Recovery

The ability to access is life-saving alerts a human right. And we bake that into the very heart of every project to ensure our digital solutions are robust and reliable for users.

Our dedicated and passionate team of Cubies work tirelessly to make sure our platform and suite of apps are constantly ready to respond should disaster strike. It’s a responsibility the entire team takes extremely seriously and a project we have been honoured to be a part of all these years. Throughout the years we have seen over and over how vital it is that technical solutions like this are easily accessible and available for EVERYONE when disaster strikes.

American Red Cross Emergency App

Mother nature can be devastating, so our disaster management app needed to be robust enough that people could rely on it. The American Red Cross approached 3 Sided Cube with the idea of a platform that allowed users to prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural disasters.

The non-digital methods of preparing for disasters were not reaching a wide enough audience, and there was an obvious need for a digital solution – specifically a mobile app development project that could educate people so they would know what to do in emergency situations, alert them when they’re in immediate danger and providing all the tools they need to make sure their friends and family are safe.

Find out more about the project below:

As you can see, this is a subject near and dear to our hearts at the agency, which is why we were so excited to put this event together and hear the insightful conversation with our Hosts and all-star panellists.

Meet the disaster management A-team:

Our Wonderful Hosts

Our hosts…

Puff Story, Co-Founder, USA – 3 Sided Cube

Dana Snyder, Founder, and CEO, Positive Equation

Panel of Disaster Management Experts

We wanted to ensure that we represented people across a wide range of knowledge. Pulling together an amazing panel of disaster management experts gave us the opportunity to discuss and learn how technology can support disaster management.

Our expert panel includes…

In a ‘Tech For Good Talks’ first, we split our panel into three different discussions to cover preparedness, response, and recovery. This enabled us to get a really deep dive into the different activities of disaster management.

Don’t worry if you missed it, catch-up here!

And that concludes another ‘Tech for Good Talk’! We love having these conversations and engaging with businesses, charities, and individuals to help change the world. We truly believe that tech is limitless in its potential to impact the global challenges we face. If you have any suggestions or want to get involved in a future talk, give us a holla!


Published on November 30, 2022, last updated on November 30, 2022

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