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Technology is key to sustainable behaviour change

3 Sided Cube’s new IGNITE program launches today to drive green behavioural change and make a difference to the ever-growing waste crisis and support sustainable living.



Big news from 3 Sided Cube HQ today! We are ridiculously excited to officially launch IGNITE, a new initiative to boost sustainable living in the UK and beyond.

Using the latest app technology, new research, hackathons and collaborative events, our IGNITE program is a movement purpose-built to drive behavioural change and make a difference to the ever-growing waste crisis, support sustainable living and enhance environmental protection. 

Working with organisations including the American Red Cross, Forest Watcher, the World Resources Institute, and LUSH, we are embarking on a mission to create apps that enable and nudge people, businesses and NGOs to improve their sustainability efforts and make greener choices. We believe this type of action is crucial as the UK moves towards net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. It will undoubtedly be a big challenge, hence why we as a country and community of businesses need to call upon every tool at our disposal. One of those tools in particular will be app technology. 

The launch of IGNITE comes hot on the heels of our recent survey of consumer attitudes towards sustainable living and the role of technology. The report, ‘Sustainable Living in 2021’, revealed how consumer attitudes are now vastly in favour of more sustainable living and how people are ready to embrace technology as a tool to help them play their part in combatting the climate crisis. 

We were so encouraged to see that eight in 10 (78%) consumers surveyed said they would use an app to help them track their carbon footprint, and the same percentage would like an app to help them make more sustainable choices in their everyday life. There’s a clear case for the development of apps designed to assist consumers as they try to become greener.  

These findings and the data from a DEFRA Freedom of Information request underpin the need for the IGNITE movement and show a clear case for the use of technology (specifically apps) to boost sustainable behaviour change and environmental protection initiatives. 

Speaking about the launch of IGNITE, our MD, Richard Strachan, said, The climate crisis, ecological destruction and ongoing problems with plastic waste are global issues that can’t be ignored. We must tackle them head-on, starting here in the UK, and come up with practical solutions. It is not just up to governments; it is up to businesses and consumers as well. That is why we have launched IGNITE.”

“We believe app technology is one of the best tools we have to nudge behaviour towards sustainable living. Through technology, we can empower consumers, businesses and NGOs to help them make more sustainable choices, protect ecosystems and be smarter with their energy usage. The IGNITE program is completely dedicated to bringing organisations together on these issues and making these apps a reality. We’ve already seen the impact they can make working with The American Red Cross and Forest Watcher; it’s time to build more and create a sustainable future.”

As you can see, IGNITE has been forged with a clear purpose. ‘Tech for good’ is essential for a sustainable future and we’re ready to make sure we use it in the right way. In the coming months, we’ll be revealing more initiatives and research findings from the IGNITE program, so make sure you keep an eye out. And if you and/or your company would like to get involved and collaborate with us, feel free to get in touch

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Published on December 9, 2020, last updated on March 31, 2021

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