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The CUBIES: Celebrating our Cubes 2022 impact!

That's a wrap on another year, which can only mean one thing...time for The Cubies! Read our latest blog to find out which Cubes went above and beyond in '22 to snag the highly coveted award.


Cubies 2022

Another year...Another CUBIES...

That’s a wrap on another year, which can only mean one thing…time for The Cubies!

But what is exactly IS a Cubie?!

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill office Christmas party, but a chance to come together to recognise those teammates who have gone above and beyond and those wonderful tech for good projects that get us out of bed every single day. This long-standing and beloved tradition is infused with ALL the Cube quirk, magic, and camaraderie that we have all come to know and love from the agency. The tradition of it has always been a huge part of the culture and life at the agency.

With 2022 about to be firmly behind us the team had a busy year to celebrate!

So on a chilly December day, we came together (in the new normal that is a hybrid event) to recognise the incredible impact our work has had and the people who have worked so hard on it!

Recognising the team’s achievements

The CUBIES aims to recognise the team for their exceptional efforts and achievements every year. From ‘Most Inspirational Human’ to ‘2022 Superhero’ and ‘Excellence in Entertainment’Here are a few of this year’s categories:

Newcomer of the Year

Which ‘Nube’ has ingrained themselves into the clan and thrown themselves into all things CUBE since January 2022?

Excellence in Entertainment

Who brightens your day, motivates you and is your ray of sunshine?

New Project of the Year

Which project (win or delivery) from 2022 are you most proud of?

Cube Academy Grad of the Year

Which intern has soared through our Cube Academy program and overall kicked butt to become a full-fledged Cube?

The Best Technical Contribution to a Project

Who displayed the technical wherewithal to rock out on a project?

The Best Non-technical Contribution to a Project 

To get our amazing tech for good projects built takes more than a technical build. It takes steering and stellar management, who embodied that?

Greatest Impact at Cube

Whose work and presence consistently generates impact around the agency?

Most Inspirational Human

Who do you look up to, who inspires you to be better, or who is a great mentor?

2022 Superhero

Who is always calm in a crisis, can solve any problem, and is indestructible in difficult situations?

Greatest Team Player

Who’s got your back and has all of our best interests at heart?

Outstanding Values

Which member of the team most displays all our company values, living and breathing everything 3 SIDED CUBE?

Most Recognised Cube

What Cube went above and beyond to snag the most 7 Geese recognition?

Marketing Win of the Year

What Marketing activity cut through the noise and spread our mission far and wide?

New Client of the Year

What new project is the team most excited to sink their teeth into?

Team of the Year

Across all of our phenomenal teams, which one flexed the hardest in 2021 and pulled together to earn this highest of honours?

And the winners are...

3 Sided Cube’s Nube of the Year 

Ginny Hicks

Excellence in Entertainment

Krystal Ellison

New Project of the Year 

UNHCR Connecting Worlds 

Cube Academy Graduate of the Year 

Joel Hoare

Best Technical Contribution to a Project 

Javi Santos

Best Non-Technical Contribution to a Project

3-way tie!Joe Dolling, Georgia Wilkins & Louise Bell

The Greatest Impact 

Greg Gomez

Most Inspirational Human 

James Marriott 

2022 Superhero 

(We have a tie!) Louise Bell & Georgia Wilkins 

Greatest Team Player 

Georga Turner 

The Outstanding Values 

Kev Borrill

Most Recognised Cube

Michael Singleton

Marketing Project of the Year

The How To Guide

2022 Best New Client Win


Team of the Year

Creative Team

Whatever 2023 may hold for us, we know one thing; the team will be pushing themselves as a collective force for good, to live and breath our mantra and change as many lives for the better as we can!

Richard Strachan, CEO and Fearless Leader

And that concludes another spectacular Cubies! I consider myself extremely lucky to work alongside the most ridiculously talented team and on the kinds of projects we do. Every single one of us has a part to play in 3 Sided Cube being able to have the impact that we do, so taking the time to celebrate that feat is nothing short of incredible!


Published on January 3, 2023, last updated on February 2, 2023

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