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12 Days of Cubemas #2: Volunteering with Community PostPals

On the second day of CUBEMAS our team volunteered to send Christmas cards to sick children in hospital, in the hopes that it would brighten their days as much as it did ours. A few (quite horrendous) Christmas puns later and we were even able to see and read about the children we sent our cards to!



On the second day of CUBEMAS we wrote letters and postcards packed with Christmas spirit!

Thanks to PostPals these personal messages were sent to Children with disabilities and life-threatening illnesses.

"A card, a letter,or even a gift can give a poorly cild's face a much-needed lift."


Giving back to those in need:

Inspiring. Caring. Wonderful.

Three words we have for PostPals, what a fantastic way to give back to our community at Christmas. We don’t need to be motivated to do good, but this way of giving back is one which is super simple, low cost and takes almost no time.

It was a surprising challenge to come up with something to write! I mean what do you say to a child struggling at Christmas? We found season greetings and a Christmas joke were the best way to go.

"Who delivers the cat's presents? Santa Paws"

Poppy Sibley-Hale, 3 Sided Cube

We were even able to read up on the children we were writing to and discover all of their incredible stories (we found out a special someone was in love with lego)!

cubemas day 2 postcard

Our pal Aidan:

One of our favourite things about PostPals is their dedication to the children, they’re not just asking for donations, you can use their website to find out all about the individuals they’re helping (not just by reading their stories either).

You can discover their interests, favourite colours, their families/siblings and any impairment they might be struggling with.

"No feeling quite compares to improving Christmas for vulnerable children."

Sophia Story, 3 Sided Cube

So that rounds off the second day of CUBEMAS.

Published on December 8, 2017, last updated on February 25, 2020

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