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Agency For Good Finalists at the Wirehive 100 Awards!

We're thrilled to have been recognised for pioneering Tech For Good this year, being a finalist in the Agency for Good category at the Wirehive 100 awards. From fighting against natural disasters to tracking blood across America and ending violence against children, here's what we were nominated for.


Wirehive 100 Agency For Good Awards
Our mission is to pioneer Tech For Good by creating social impact on a global scale through life-changing, life-saving technology.

Richard Strachan, Managing Director, 3 SIDED CUBE

Tech For Good isn’t something we’ve just stamped across our home page. 

This year we’ve made huge progress in fulfilling our mission to pioneer Tech For Good, taking on new challenges that have the potential to change millions of lives through life-changing, life-saving mobile technology.

Collaborating with changemaker brands to combine our technical knowledge with the expertise of the organisations we work with, developing digital solutions that have been used to end violence against children, fight against natural disasters and track blood donations across America.

Wirehive 100 Agency For Good Awards Team
Amie, Andrew, Sophie and Kelly at the awards ceremony in Southampton.

PLAN Z: Ending Violence Against Children.

We’ve partnered with some incredible charities and global organisations to champion PLAN Z, a new initiative to end violence against children. With the likes of World Vision, Plan International, Save The Children and Terre De Hommes coming together to empower vulnerable communities in areas where children suffer from insufficient rights.

How do we plan on ending violence against children?

PLAN Z puts children in the driving seat by providing them with the support and guidance needed to discover solutions to the problems they’ve experienced first-hand. With both physical and digital platforms to help them learn new skills, incubate ideas and develop projects with the support of the charities.

Ending violence in communities across Romania:

With the recent success of the pilot in Romania, the initiative is set to roll-out to communities across Africa later this year, with the continued support of the charities, we’ll be able to reach children in need all across the globe.

Hazards Platform: Fighting Against Natural Disasters

Natural disasters cause some of the worst catastrophes in history, be it a hurricane, earthquake or tornado, when disaster strikes, communities all across the world rely on the Hazards platform to prepare for, respond to and recover from natural disasters.

The worst flooding disaster in American history:

Hurricane Harvey is a prime example of how devastating natural disasters can truly be, luckily for communities across America, the Hazards platform was there to help people keep themselves, their homes and their families safe. Preparing for specific hazards, tracking the disaster in real-time, receiving emergency alerts when they were in immediate danger and monitoring the safety of their loved ones.

More than 100 million life-saving emergency alerts.

The Emergency Preparedness platform reached millions of people in their time of need during the 2018 hurricane season, notifying individuals when disasters were about to strike, which dangers they would be facing and how they could safely get to their nearest Red Cross shelter in worst-case scenarios.

Blood Donor: Tracking Donations Across America

With blood centres running low and donations continuing to plummet in states all across America, the Red Cross reached out to us to develop a solution that would disrupt the donation process and innovate the way America donated blood.

The world’s first blood tracking app:

Blood Donor lets users do more than just book, cancel and re-arrange their donation appointments, as the world’s first blood tracking app, users can actually follow their donation to the hospital it’s being used in. Earning rewards and competing between donation teams to become Blood Heroes and share their contribution towards the cause.

More than 600,000 life-saving operations.

Thanks to the impact the app has had and the way communities in America adopted the new technology, Blood Donor has seen over 10 million global downloads, become the #1 medical app in the App Store and generated over $90 million in donations for the charity.

We could not be more excited to have gained recognition as one of the UK’s leading Agencies for Good, supporting our mission to pioneer Tech For Good and create social impact on a global scale, through life-changing, life-saving digital solutions.

Extremely proud of the team and the organisations we’ve collaborated with to help us get there, it was great to see so many fantastic agencies at the ceremony championing UK Tech For Good. Here’s for more in the future.


Published on October 12, 2018, last updated on May 10, 2021

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