Build waste-conscious habits and heal the world

Our planet currently faces a sustainability crisis due to an accumulation of billions of small bad habits with household waste management. But we refuse to sit idly by and watch. So, have created a proactive solution the only way we know how, by building a platform to make that necessary change happen!

‘Turtle’ is a novel approach to changing behaviours, giving people a structured journey to better their habits, one small step at a time, through a game-like interface that responds to your real-world actions with positive reinforcement.

The process will be broken up into learning and then habit-forming activities. These will take the form of quizzes, challenges and tasks that the user will take on in the real world. 

Targeted at parents and children, this gameworld is where the impact of your behaviours is shown, with completion of actions that benefit the real world making the virtual island thrive.

How can you get involved?

Despite the growth in the sustainability sector, there is a huge intention-action gap between those that want to behave sustainably and those that do so. According to the Harvard Business Review, that gap is between the 65% that say that want to, and the 26% that actually do.

Something has to change.

Brands are being held accountable and need to be seen actively being more sustainable as the evidence and news around climate change continue to grow. The app gives brands a chance to be associated with a positive sustainable product that is aimed at changing consumer demand in a positive way and engaging way.

The technological design challenge is around how you make consumers alter their behaviour. Sustainable living has no immediate impact, and so it is hard to get the action-response mechanism going that is so vital in behavioural change, and that is what we hope to offer a solution for!

By designing a platform that uses nudge techniques, and design patterns that will encourage dopamine hits as the right behaviour is we can develop a product that is a rewarding and effective positive experience.

User research has already been carried out, with 70% of the participants claiming that they would definitely use the app. Contact us below to get more information about Turtle and collaboration possible opportunities!

This is a really great project and I've always wanted to make something like this!

User testing participant

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