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An App to Facilitate Tree Restoration Across the World

With the reduction of deforestation high on many agendas, 3 Sided Cube partnered with The World Resources Institute to build an app and web platform that connects funding from serious investors to people growing trees and restoring land.

The Challenge?

The World Resources Institute (WRI) reached out to 3 Sided Cube as they wanted to scale up their current matching process of restoration projects with funders. Their team were currently helping project managers that wanted to do restoration projects in South America and Africa and even though they had already connected $2m worth of projects, it was a manual process that could be simplified.  

WRI were keen to develop a platform that would allow project developers and funders to search for, and connect with, each other directly. Streamlining the process meant that it was a lot simpler for organisations to sign up to the platform and search for funding or restoration projects that met their requirements based on country, funding amount and goals.


The Solution?

The solution, Terramatch, is a web platform as well as a react native app, backed by WRI research. TerraMatch is the “” for restoration, connecting project managers that want to complete restoration projects with organisations that want to fund these types of projects. 

To get a project funded, project developers create a pitch on the platform, outlining their goals for the project and providing a range of details about the type of restoration they are working on. Organisations can then browse project pitches and identify those that meet their funding objectives to reach out to and connect with. 

Once both parties had either found a project they wanted to fund or a funder they wanted to help with their project, they could then match and connect via the platform. Once they each others contact details, this can then be taken offline and managed.

Since the launch, the platform has already seen over a hundred organisations sign up and this is continuing to grow. With interest from large corporates such as Mastercard, who have selected WRI to lead the tree planting efforts of 100 million trees in five years, this shows the need for the app to help reach the goal of restoring 60 billion trees.


How does the app work?

Create your organisation

Ability to create an organisation so that you can list or search for matches.

Find funding

Allow project developers to look for funding for their restoration projects.

Find projects

Allows organisations to look for relevant projects to fund.

Multi access profiles

Each profile can have multiple access so that different functions within a business can look for relevant projects.


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