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It's World First Aid Day!

For World First Aid Day we took a look at the amazing work the Red Cross are doing and the importance of first aid in saving lives...


First aid day blog post

Only 1 in 20 of us would be able to assist in a first aid emergency situation, but 59% of deaths from injury could have been prevented if first aid was administered before the emergency services arrived. Whilst this is a worrying statistic, there is a lot that can be done to help. By promoting the importance of first aid and the life saving results that it can deliver, we can help reduce the number of fatalities that occur during the wait time of emergency services.

What is World First Aid Day?

World First Aid Day is represented annually on the second Saturday of September and occurs to raise awareness of how first aid can help save lives, as well as the importance of training and education surrounding it. Since 2000, The Red Cross has been organising the day, highlighting its importance from first aid use in everyday situations, all the way up to how first aid can be used in disasters or war-torn countries. The IFRC believes that first aid should be accessible to all and be a part of a wider education on first aid.

The Red Cross promotes World First Aid Day to help bring awareness to the importance of first aid and how to educate people all over the world with the ability to administer first aid. With 8 out of 10 of us not knowing what to do if a loved one collapsed, this is vital information to know. By promoting simple steps that we can all take to learn the basics of first aid, we can help reduce these worrying statistics and help make the world a safer place.

Our research shows there is confusion among young adults about what action to take when someone is unresponsive and not breathing.

British Red Cross

Life Saving Information, Right on Your Phone

We are super proud to have partnered the the Red Cross over the years to provide apps that offer life-saving solutions to health and weather related emergencies. Our Blood app has been able to not only revolutionise the blood donation process, but allows ordinary people do extraordinary things with every single donation! The Emergency app empowers users to prepare for and respond to climate-affected hazards.

And our First Aid apps we built with the British Red Cross and American Red Cross teaches the basics of first aid and provides a resource that can easily be accessed offline, allowing users to respond to emergency situations wherever they may be. Having access to information like this delivers life-saving resources directly to a user’s phone.

The app itself features guides, quizzes and sign-ups for first aid courses. With features such as the ability to search for the content you need and gamification through badge rewards to show off life-saving knowledge! By increasing confidence in life saving situations with as many members of the public as possible, the conversation around first aid becomes more universal, meaning more awesome people with life saving skills!

First Aid can at first seem daunting, something ‘for the professionals’ rather than everyday civilians. But First Aid truly is for everyone. With war, natural disasters, and viruses all being a part of day-to-day life across the globe, having first aid skills could one day save someone’s life.

For all of you who decide to take action and learn some First Aid skills, today is your day! Share your knowledge with others, organise training days and keep on learning 💚


Published on September 20, 2022, last updated on September 20, 2022

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