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5 Minutes With Gabby

While all of the Cube crew get along splendidly, we LOVE whenever a Nube joins our flock! It means our team is growing, we’re getting more experience, and a whole new person to induct into our ranks.


Gabby – BW

Recently, we had to say goodbye to our Chief Changemaker, Puff. Though it was more of a “see ya later” as she will still be a part of 3 Sided Cube, just a hop, skip and a jump across the pond at our USA office! Follow her journey here.

So along with leaving a Puff shaped hole in our hearts, she also left her role that needed filling. At first, the quest for  “a new Puff” seemed impossible. 

Until Gabby breezed through the Cube HQ doors. The search was over. She is an obvious force, has a breadth of experience under her belt and the best possible fit for the team. Our Head of Commercial had been found. We wanted to dive in and get to know Gabby, our latest team member to enter the Cube and the new host for our “Tech For Good Talks”!

Any nicknames we should know about?!

I’m a woman of many names! Crouchy, thanks to Big Peter Crouch for that one!

Probably my fave is “Aunty Gab Gab” as my 9-month-old niece calls me, and what I will probably make her stick to forever!

What is your role at 3 Sided Cube?

As the new Head of Commercial, I get to talk to everyone about all the amazing projects and things we get up to. I like to think of myself as the little Cube matchmaker! Because of this role, I am forever meeting exciting new people, and get to brag about what amazing things my colleagues are up to.

As someone who thoroughly enjoys talking to, and meeting people, this role couldn’t be more perfect for me!

What was your first impression of 3 Sided Cube?

Bright, fun and infectious (not in the Covid kind of way!). Walking into the office for the first time, you can’t help but smile. The bright colours, bean bags, sofas, buzzing atmosphere and happy faces are noticeably different from other offices I have been in. 

From the grass on the wall, the colours and art, it was a sensory overload after staring at the same four walls in lockdown! It just draws you in and you feel like family. And even though I haven’t met everyone in person yet, we all share a bond that really is so different from other offices.

There is something truly unique about Cube and it is addictive- once you get your first taste, you can’t help but want another mouthful…as dangerous as opening that massive tub of peanut butter whilst holding a spoon!

What was your aspiration to work in tech for good?

It’s all about the impact. At 3 Sided Cube there is the capacity to, and actually do make real lasting change. The appeal was definitely working for a company who is so grounded in its mission to have a positive impact through everything they do. To be a part of that in any capacity is just amazing!

Having worked in the charity sector for the last 5 years, it is important for me to do something that has a bigger impact than just paying the bills. The motivation for me is knowing that we are all working towards a bigger mission and vision to make the world a better place.

What are some goals you want to meet at Cube?

Save the world (in heels) and bring even more pink to Cube! And just keep working to do my part within the organisation to make a lasting change. There are so many amazing, strong women here, I’m in the best of company!

What do you do for fun when you aren’t changing the world at Cube?

You can usually find me in the gym, on a beach walk with my sausage dog, Chester. Aunty duties are among my favourite, and spending time with friends and family is usually at the top of my list.

I do love being around people and keeping busy. So if the sun is out, you can find me out and about!

Last but not least, what is your HHH drink of choice?

Bubbles, rose or a nice gin & tonic. If it’s been a long week, tequila!

Published on September 8, 2020, last updated on October 12, 2020

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