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5 Minutes With Hannah

Though we aren’t all back in the office, our newest colleague managed to join 3 Sided Cube in the middle of a pandemic and instantly become a crucial part of the crew! Welcome to the team, Hannah...


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While all of the Cube’s get along splendidly, we LOVE whenever a Nube joins our flock! It means our team is growing, we’re getting more experience, and a whole new person to induct into our ranks. Even more exciting, our team has grown by leaps and bounds in the last year, so there have been a record-breaking amount of newcomers to join the agency.

Though we aren’t all back in the office, our newest colleague managed to join 3 Sided Cube in the middle of a pandemic and instantly become a crucial part of the crew! We pulled out all of the onboarding stops to give them the warmest welcome (virtually). 

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce Hannah!

Introduce yourself

Hi, all! My name is Hannah, I am the new Client Strategist here at 3 Sided Cube! It is so exciting to be here, but even cooler how you all have managed to make me feel like a part of the team – all remotely!

I was brought up on a farm in North Wales, so had that proper little country bumpkin childhood. It doesn’t get more idyllic than roaming the countryside with animals and farmland. Alas, the siren call of Uni was too loud to ignore and I moved to London, and haven’t looked back since! 

Over the years, I have progressively moved further and further South, and am now based in Southampton.

Any nicknames we should know about?!

Some people call me Han, but other than that I don’t really have a nickname?! Or, at least one that people call me to my face?!

What is your role at 3 Sided Cube?

I am the newest member of the dynamic Client Strategist crew! Which pretty much is all about relationships, making sure our clients absolutely love working with 3 Sided Cube as much as we love working with them. We represent the client internally and provide strategic guidance to ensure that we add value to them where it is needed the most. 

Boiled down, I get to work with the most fabulous clients to ensure they experience nothing but the absolute BEST from us!

How did you get into tech?

I absolutely love science! 

Throughout school, it always really held my interest and the love of it only grew when I went to University and nabbed myself a science-based degree. It’s with that Geology degree that I landed my first job in a company that builds geophysics equipment, thus my science geek interest evolved into technology too!

The equipment was installed all around the world to monitor seismic activity. I became regional manager, so I got a crash course in learning all about geophysics equipment as they monitored hazardous areas and built earthquake early warning networks.

I found that I was so passionate about the projects and being in an industry that had a solution that was expressly for good!


What was your first impression of 3 Sided Cube?

I had seen a post on LinkedIn about the position being open and got so excited Googling 3 Sided Cube. The values and mission were right up my alley, and though I didn’t have a background in digital technology, I would not let that dissuade me, and could not apply fast enough! 

From my virtual “first day” I really did not know what to expect. It was a bit intimidating just staring into a computer screen, but your Operations Team went above and beyond with all the little details and thought, that I immediately felt at ease and SO WELCOMED! All of the smiling friendly faces and an afternoon of speed dating made my start at Cube so one-of-a-kind and fun.

I also can’t leave out HQ! When I finally got to head into the office, the bright colours and relaxed, passionate environment sealed the deal with my Cube obsession.

What was your aspiration to work in tech for good?

If you really do buy into the ethos of a company and are really passionate about it, you are going to achieve more and enjoy it while doing so! When there is an overarching mission I can relate to at a company, one that I truly buy into, it is easy to remain engaged, passionate and driven to succeed. 

Being a part of ‘Tech For Good’ drives me to give 110%.

What are some goals you want to meet at Cube?

Being part of the team on a revolutionary project from inception, which pushes new technology and saves the world is the goal I strive for every single day!

What do you do for fun when you aren’t changing the world at Cube?

I am a self-described sports addict! Sport and activities have always been a big part of my life. From horse riding, polo, rowing, all the way to bagging sailing championships in British teams. The water baby in me and sports enthusiast has continued on to my absolute passion for kitesurfing. 

Going out with friends is great and all, but throw me in something active and I am happiest!

If you were an app, what would it be/do?

It would have to be some sort “Funtivities Organiser ”. Quite simply, something that has any fun activity, or mental health exercise right at the user’s fingertips. I am the organiser of my friends, so this transcends easily into technology!

Last but not least, what is your HHH drink of choice?

Now that it’s cooler I have been cracking into the Hendricks and tonic for our weekly Cube cocktail meeting!

Published on December 21, 2020, last updated on March 31, 2021

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