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5 Minutes with Louis

We love working in tech for good, not only because of all the incredible impact but because that means we are working alongside the most brilliant and passionate Cubies. This means we absolutely LOVE when we get to welcome a Nubie. Meet our new team member here...



In the past year, there has been a recruitment whirlwind at Cube! Our team is growing massively, which means we have had tons o’ Nubies to join the flock. We all LOVE when someone joins the agency. It means our team is growing, we’re getting more experience, and a whole new person to induct into our ranks.

It’s always met with loads of fanfare and we pull out all of the onboarding stops to give them the warmest welcome (virtually).

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce our new Tester extraordinaire, Louis!

Introduce yourself!

Hello all! My names Louis, and I recently began working at 3 Sided Cube as a Tester. 

I have lived in Poole for the past three years, having jumped around between my home county of Kent, alongside some time in Bournemouth for university before a short stay in London (turns out I need a beach to survive). 

I made a huge career change decision last year, as you do during a pandemic, and decided to leave my background in the environment industry behind to join the tech industry. Having grown up loving gaming, and being the free IT technician for my entire family, I decided that tech was something I always had a passion for but never thought I had the skillset for. After months of toiling away learning software and new skills this job popped up, and one CV and a few interviews later, here we are!

Any nicknames we should know about?

I don’t think I have any, to be honest! It is hard enough for anyone to get my name right (I got Louise a lot from step teachers in school). My biggest bugbear is people calling me ‘Lewis’, so like the Prince, call me Louis.

What is your role at 3 Sided Cube?

I am just one part of the awesome Testers team, our job is basically making sure every app we build, support release we put out and bug we fix, does its job properly, looks great and overall, works beautifully for every user. 

From testing early work on a new app to testing the accessibility of our apps and making sure every app we put out is of high quality – that’s my wheelhouse!

How did you get into tech?

I have always been passionate about tech, constantly reading the latest articles on upcoming tech, watching every Google I/O and Apple WWDC, whilst being a huge gamer and lover of what gaming can do and be.

But I never thought of actually WORKING in tech. Until a pandemic forced us to stay indoors and gave me the time to reflect. I wasn’t happy where I was, and had lost a passion for the industry I was working in, but without a computer science degree, or any knowledge of coding, how could I ever get into tech?! Luckily I was partnered with an awesome mentor during a ScreenSkills programme who guided me into gaining the software skills I needed to pair with my interpersonal skills. 

3 Sided Cube was my first application in tech, and well, it was just meant to be!

What was your first impression of 3 Sided Cube?

I have known of 3 Sided Cube for years, having studied at Bournemouth Uni I had a few friends who did some work experience/placement/internship time here, hearing about it from them gave me an immediate interest in the company. After years of following the company on LinkedIn and social media, it feels bizarre to now say I work here!

But the first impressions definitely met every expectation I had. From a box of goodies before I started to a fun and organised onboarding process all the way to the awesome speed dating process. My first few months have shown me how fun, exciting and hard-working every person is here and it makes you want to do and be your best day in, day out.

What was your aspiration to work in tech for good?

Although I was looking to leave a career and industry focussed on helping people and the environment, I still had those core beliefs to take with me to any industry I moved into. I didn’t just want to work for a nefarious tech company putting out software to help with the implosion of the planet, I wanted to stick to my beliefs of helping people and the planet that are at my core, and Cube allows me to do that whilst still being in the tech world.

What are some goals you want to meet at Cube?

Personally, I want to grow my confidence within an industry I am so new to, that is, without a doubt, my key focus right now. Learn from the best and most knowledgeable, to be able to be as innovative in my career as so many people at the agency have been in theirs.

As part of Cube, I want to make sure our apps are the best and most accessible apps possible, making sure our quality assurance is top-notch and knowing that when an app I have tested goes out to release, I can be proud that every user is getting a great experience.

What do you do for fun when you aren’t changing the world at Cube?

I am a huge movie and TV series fan, and I don’t mean I just watch a lot of stuff, my girlfriend actually calls me a walking IMDb, my brain has somehow managed to store most films, actors and directors I have ever watched, and also upcoming releases. Shame I can’t remember when most people’s birthdays are…

A lot of time playing games! I love the stories games can tell and how they can be used to get into a meditative zone, I find them super helpful for my own wellbeing. I also write about them a lot on a blog I am the Gaming Editor for.

I am also a huge car nut, often spending weekends catching up on the latest motorsport, or when the pandemic allows, getting to Silverstone or Brands Hatch to watch some actual events.

If you were an app, what would it be/do?

I hate having a lot of apps on my phone, my super organised side just hates clutter, so I’d love to be an app that literally does everything. Need to plan a trip to the cinema? Book your doctor’s appointment? Call your mum? Like a photo? All in one app! Come to think of it, it’s more of an operating system, but hey dreamers gotta dream! I’d call it ‘One Stop Shop’

Last but not least, what is your HHH drink of choice?

It is pretty much a tie between a classic vodka coke, an espresso martini and a black russian – depending on the mood of the week.

And there you have it, we love getting to know our fellow Cubes! The agency is growing and we have been recruiting like crazy, so stay tuned for some more intro’s. If you want to be a part of building life-changing digital products and working in tech for good, check out our careers page and shout us a holla if you have relevant experience!


Published on July 28, 2021, last updated on July 28, 2021

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