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Cube Named Innovative Agency of the Year!

We're thrilled to have been awarded Innovative Agency of the Year at the UK Agency Awards recently, here's what we've been up to in the realm of agency innovation. 


UK Agency Awards

Tracking blood donations across America:

With donations dropping off and at an all-time low all across the US, the American Red Cross reached out to us to collaborate on a mobile app development project that could change the way communities donated. From incentivising new donors to rewarding repeat donations, the app has seen over 10 million global downloads and saved over 600,000 lives through life-saving operations.

Why was it innovative?

Blood Donor is the world’s first blood-tracking app, allowing users to track their blood all the way from their donation centre to the hospital it’s being used in. This feature was by far the most innovative and had the most impact amongst users.

Saving lives in the face of natural disasters:

Hurricane Harvey caused the worst flooding disaster in US history. Luckily for communities across America, the Emergency Preparedness Platform was there to help them prepare for, respond to and recover from the natural disaster.

How did the app save lives?

Emergency alerts. The platform uses a range of data sources to give targeted and custom information on different dangers and hazards, making robustness a must-have. During the hurricane season our servers didn’t go down once, which is a huge achievement considering that any downtime could mean the loss of life.

Check out this visualisation of emergency alerts being sent from our server during Hurricane Harvey:

Giving the team a week to work on pilot projects:

Innovation Time:

A process at 3 Sided Cube which gives members of the team a week to work on personal projects their passionate about. From AI to AR and VR, the projects explore and experiment with tech of the future so we can prove a new technologies impact before recommending it to clients and projects in the ‘real world’.

Making a watermelon sentient:

One such project saw frontend developer Kev build a chatbot for Slack, based on our agency mascot Pip. The chatbot solves a bunch of on-boarding issues such as not understanding terminology and checking the availability of meeting rooms.

Mimicking the human eye:

SIMI (pronounced See.Me) is an object recognition app for the visually impaired, the app mimics human eyes by recognising what, and even who is front of you. With a voice-controlled interface the app can send messages to emergency contacts and even a screenshot of what’s in front of you.

Innovation Time SIMI App

Exploring & inventing the tech of the future:

Future Club is an event that brings together our technical knowledge with the experience and expertise of the guests we converse with. Whether it’s exploring the use of blockchain in fundraising or connectivity in the city of the future, it’s collaboration that brings out the best solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems.

What does the city of the future look like?

In the most recent Future Club we explored the city of the future and what role technology will play in creating a safer, more sustainable future. With talks on smart travel from NATS and developing cities from Bournemouth Borough Council, we discussed and planned the biggest problems and best solutions that are most likely to impact the city of the future.


Hungry for more innovation?

Check out a few of our other Innovation Time projects straight from the blog, from giant Jenga in AR to a digital Lego schedule, there’s definitely something for you.

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Published on September 18, 2018, last updated on March 2, 2020

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