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We dedicate 15% of our team's time to exploring emerging technology and solving problems they're passionate about. Innovation Time combines our technical know-how with the expertise of the organisations we partner with. Exploring ideas, developing technologies and solving the problems of tomorrow.

What makes us the most innovative agency of 2018?

The world of apps is one of the fastest moving industries in the world. With mobile technology constantly updated and improved with new systems on a near daily-basis, brands (and sometimes even developers like ourselves) can struggle to keep up-to-date and ahead of tech trends.

By dedicating 15% of our time to explore emerging technology during Innovation Time projects, we ensure that our talented team is fully prepared to solve the problems our clients are facing, whether the solution is a mobile app development, chatbot, Alexa Skill or beyond.

Welcome to Innovation Time:

Predicting the future by inventing it.

Innovation Time projects explore tech of the future that we believe has the potential to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. Validating whether or not a particular solution can solve the problems faced by all the organisations we work with. Innovation Time means that when a problem arises, we’re in the position to solve it.

Exploring Emerging Technology.

From AI to AR and everything in-between.

CUBE HQ gives our team access to a multitude of software and hardware to experiment with and support the projects and technology. From the latest mobile devices to wearable tech and even our 3D printer, the team have everything they need to develop mobile apps, chatbots, Alexa Skills and any other projects they’re dreaming of.

Bringing Concepts into the Real World.

Implementing projects on a global scale.

The prototypes developed during Innovation Time are often adapted and implemented into the projects we collaborate on with our clients. When an organisation approaches us with their challenge, the chances are we’ve already explored and experimented with the technology that offers the best solution.


Exploring a range of emerging technology means that we can take a step back and look at the bigger picture when it comes to digital solutions, as we love saying, an app isn’t always the solution.

Being experienced in the use of different technologies and platforms means that when a partner challenges us with their problem, we know which technologies offer the best solution, be it augmented reality, artificial intelligence, voice assistants or beyond.

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Digitising a Lego Schedule Board:

I hear what you’re thinking; why in this day and age would you use Lego to schedule your team’s time? There are a number of benefits, but the drawback was not having a digital version, here’s how I used computer vision to digitise our Lego schedule board.

Developing an Office Dashboard:

I wanted to solve a big problem we had here at Cube HQ; not having a office dashboard. A dashboard could provide new visitors with information on our agency as well as communicating our brand and giving the team a screenshot of useful things they need to know.

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