Red Routes UX & App Development Testing

A collaborative UX & development workshop to prioritise features of your digital product from a business and user perspective.

What is a Red Routes workshop?

A collaborative workshop, named after the critical London bus routes, where we work alongside clients and users to define what UX & UI features are most important and integral to your digital product.

We believe it is important to figure this stuff out early in a project and continually update them, so we are all aligned on the same goal. This is really key to holistically designing a user-centered product.

Perspective Red Routes

Which UX or other app design features do you predict will be most important to your digital product? Which does user research suggest are the most integral?

We begin by defining all the end-to-end features that your digital product will contain. We often like to think further than the MVP at this stage and consider features you hope to introduce over the next few years.

Taking each of these features and prioritise them by their expected frequency of use and number of users who will be using them.

Before assigning a value of importance to each of our features and this way we can prioritise features for MVP, backlog, user testing and analytics.

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If a Red Routes workshop sounds like something that could help your organisations change the way they use technology for good; get in touch with our team to bring your ideas to life and discover if a mobile app is right for you.

Retrospective Red Routes

What features are users using the most? Is this is as expected? If not why is that? We begin by defining all the end-to-end features that your digital product currently contains. 

Taking each of these features and by studying analytics we can prioritise them by their frequency of use and the number of users who have been using them.

This means we can then assign a value of importance to each of our features and compare these to our Perspective Red Route to identify possible usability issues and areas that may need reworking.

Red Route planning with organisations all around the world

We’ve run our Red Route workshops with international organisations & inspiring startups alike to champion technology fighting for good causes; here are a few of the brands we’re proud to call our partners:

Red cross grey Arc White England_Rugby_GREY England_Rugby_White gdpc-Grey-logo gdpc-White
JustGiving-Grey JustGiving-White
Lush Logo Grey Lush Logo White NATS Grey NATS White
NHS Grey NHS White
Nordstrom-Grey Nordstrom-White
RNLI Grey RNLI White
RSPB Grey RSPB White
SavetheChildren Grey SavetheChildren White
Wonderbly Grey Wonderbly White
Lush Lens App


Lush Lens App

Reducing Plastic Packaging with Lush

In a move to open the worlds first package-free cosmetics store, Lush approached us with the need to build an app that could replace the need for packaging by allowing customers to scan products and get all the info they need through their mobiles.


Images required per product


Lush product range is 'Naked'


Plastic bottles saved in 2018

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Disaster Preparedness Android App


Disaster Preparedness Android App

Protecting Communities Against Disasters

When natural disasters strike, apps save lives. We collaborated with the Global Disaster Preparedness Centre to develop a suite of emergency preparedness apps that help communities across the world stay safe in the face of catastrophe.


Global downloads


Safety notifications in 2018


Emergency alerts during Hurricane Harvey

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Forest Watcher Featured Image Android


Forest Watcher Featured Image Android

Saving our Forests with a Conservation App

While deforestation continues to destroy our planet, we teamed up with Global Forest Watch to put the power of data into the hands of environmental defenders all across the globe.


Tree cover loss in 2017


Live reports


Mapping resolution

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What do you get from a Red Routes workshop?

As a result of our Red Routes workshop, you will get a set of three to five of the features that are critical to your MVP, and without these, your product would serve little purpose. We assign a value of importance to each of the features and can work together to use this to restructure your backlog, KPIs and analytics.

Prioritising Features in Red Route Workshops

1. Prioritise Features

Helpful for defining and prioritising features for MVPs, KPIs, Analytics tracking or Backlog.

User Testing in Red Route Workshops

2. Guide User Testing

We can understand the most important tasks users carry out using our apps and focus testing around these.

Anticipating User Needs in Red Route Workshops

3. Anticipate User Needs

We can have a shared understanding of what our users expect our apps to provide. 

Meet our Red Routes team

James - designer - Creative- bw


As our Creative Team-Lead, James keeps our team and projects on-track to always align with the greater good and deliver solutions that truly make an impact.

Meet James

Noah Abbott


Noah is our UX designer and with a particular passion for ethical design, he drives everything we do ensure we’re always putting users at the heart of everything we do.

Meet Noah



Sedz (James Seddon), is a designer driven by working on good causes to develop experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Meet Sedz

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Feel like a red routes workshop could help you decide on the best ways to build a platform for good? Get in touch with our team for more information on discovering a digital solution fit for you.

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