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Predicting the future by inventing it

AI has the very real capacity to deliver game-changing impact and because that all-important impact is what gets us out of bed every morning.

We’ve been elbow-deep in the AI arena, to understand and harness its undeniable seismic power.  Our ridiculously talented crew has been diligently learning and tinkering across the spectrum in the new frontier of AI and its applications.

Our AI Capabilities

Cube HQ gives our team access to a multitude of software and hardware to experiment with and support the projects and technology. From the latest mobile devices, wearable tech and even our 3D printer, the team have everything they need to develop mobile apps, chatbots, Alexa Skills and any other projects they’re dreaming of.

Ethical AI Implementation

Integrating AI responsibly, ensuring it aligns with your values.

GPT Model Creation

We craft bespoke GPT models to understand and generate human-like text, opening new avenues for engagement and creativity.

Machine Learning

Tailor-made machine learning solutions that evolve with your needs, solving complex challenges.

Is AI the secret weapon to fight global crises?

We reached out to thousands of decision-makers at purpose-led organisations across the humanitarian, disaster response, and environmental sectors, and the results are IN!

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Lush Lens App


Lush Lens App


Using object recognition technology, we helped Lush develop Lush Lends to raise awareness of plastic pollution. With the Lush Lens app, there's no need for packaging! All the information customers need is at their fingertips.

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Developing a chatbot for Slack

Artificial Intelligence

Developing a chatbot for Slack

Building a watermelon chatbot for Slack

We challenged Kev to take our brand mascot, Pip (a watermelon emoji pillow) and make her sentient. By developing a chatbot that our team could use on our internal communications channel; Slack. The chatbot answers FAQ's, updates you on meeting room availability and responds with different and personal messages depending on how rude you are to her.

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A few brands we're innovating with

Being experienced in the use of different technologies and platforms means that when a partner challenges us with their problem, we know which technologies offer the best solution, be it augmented reality, artificial intelligence, voice assistants or beyond.


As you can tell, your friendly neighbourhood digital product agency has been hard at work learning and understanding the incredible applications AI has to offer, and would LOVE to chat about how YOU can harness its power to deliver on your mission and change millions of lives for the better with us!

Object Recognition

Mimicking human eyes to aid the visually impaired

How can we help improve the lives of those living with visual impairments? that was the challenge for Nikos, who spent his week of Innovation Time developing a prototype called SIMI (See.Me). Which turns mobile phone cameras into a platform that can mimic human eyes, SIMI not only recognises who and what's in front of you, but can also be controlled with voice and used to communicate with your contacts in case of an emergency.

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Augmented Reality game

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality game

Playing Jenga in augmented reality

Having a particular passion for game development, we challenged Ryan with taking a absolute classic; Jenga, and create a digital counterpart that uses augmented reality to let multiple players enjoy the game from their mobile devices.

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Need a different solution?

Mobile App Development

Unite technical back-end systems with intuitive front-end design to create digital products that users love.

Whether its app development on native Android and iOS, smart devices, web or more, we combine tech, data and design to build superior experiences that get engagement.

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Web Development

Unite technical back-end systems with intuitive front-end design to create digital products that users love.

Whether it web development for desktop or mobile, we combine tech, data and design to build superior experiences that get engagement.

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UX & UI Design

Make usability a priority and create an intuitive experience that leaves a lasting impression on your users.

Utilise audience persona research to test ideas with your users in the real world. Positioning your mission at the centre of fluid and user-friendly design that will achieve your goals and then some.

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Mobile App Development

Legacy Codebase Adoption

No matter the complexity, unwanted behaviours, or bugs, we're well-versed in evolving, improving, and stabilising existing code bases so that we can push them forward to success.

Consider us the Paris Hilton of codebase inheritance, because we are absolutely minted with experience and expertise refactoring your existing code into a brand-spankin' new life-changing or life-saving tech for good project.

Project Management

Agile Methodology

Make fast and informed decisions in every stage of your project, working with a team that cares as much as you do.

In the tech world, things move fast, but we Cubes need to move even faster; which is why we work our best magic under the agile methodology. With a little collaboration, adaptability, and the experts (YOU) involved, our team is not only there to guide you through the product life cycle, but is committed to ensuring the world’s best brands have the world’s best results.


Launching your product is not the end, we’ll be a stage 5 clinger throughout the life cycle of your software.

Robust and reliable digital products need 24/7 TLC to make iterative improvements and have your back with support *whenever* the need arises. With our support packages, you never have to worry about bugs, app crashes, or software updates because we have seen the negative impact a flimsy digital product can have and want you to have the peace of mind that comes with unwavering support.

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