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A Sneak Peek Into Our Upcoming IRL Event

On the 14th of July we are hosting an IRL event, 'How Can Technology Save The Planet' with an all-star panel. Find out more here...


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As Head of Commercial at 3 Sided Cube, I am the gatekeeper to ensuring the projects we take on mirror our ‘tech for good’ ethos. Which means I get to meet loads of passionate and inspirational people as I guide them through what a technical partnership with us looks like. Ever the people person, this is the best part of my job! Getting face-to-face time with people around the world, on a mission to make it a better place is incredible.

That is what drives all of us at the agency, we wake up every day and get to be a part of building digital solutions to change millions of lives for the better. But in order to solve the problem, we want to understand it. We launch regular reports, and our latest one focussed on “Bridging The Gap” to show a barometer on what attitudes were around living more sustainably and utilising tech to do so.

As the video below show, the interest is there, but there is work to be done.


This is why I am so passionate about banging the drum on this topic, people want to live more sustainably and agree tech is an important part of the puzzle, but are unsure where to start

Conversations like this are a great starting point! There is so much technology can support with assisting individuals and big brands and organisations to save the planet.

Another part of my role includes me being the “Master of Ceremonies” for our ‘Tech For Good Talks’ webinar series and real life events. This is my absolute favourite opportunity to get to do what we do best, talk about how technology can lend support to some of the biggest problems facing us globally and drive collaboration by facilitating conversations with our panellists and event attendees.

As luck would have it, we have such an occasion just around the corner!

On the 14th of July we are hosting an IRL event, ‘How Can Technology Save The Planet‘ and we are all counting down the days until we hear from our FANTASTIC panel. This event will focus on the opportunity technology poses in helping save the planet and how organisations can utilise it effectively to achieve this necessary goal. Within our panel, led by brand and technology experts, we will be exploring how different technology approaches can support a more sustainable society. Our dream outcome is that this event is the catalyst for some collaboration and earth saving innovation to come out of it!

Enough about the event, let’s meet our panellists ready and raring to dive into an insightful discussion…

Meet Our All-Star Panel

How can tech save our planet event panelists

Joe Trigg | WWF

Matching his career with his values, Joe is passionate about animal rights, climate change, and equality. He specialises in digital product management and data-driven digital fundraising across a wide range of marketing channels.

Anne-Charlotte Mornington | OLIO

Anne-Charlotte has been passionate about reducing food waste since her university days where she wrote her dissertation on food surplus redistribution. Her ambition is to make the food industry better fuels her determination to grow OLIO.

Vinicius Lindoso | UNESCO

Vinicius is a Communications Officer at UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC), the United Nations’ main body for ocean science and science-based policy advice. As Communications Officer his mission is to raise the visibility of IOC’s work toward achieving its overall organizational objectives, and to demonstrate the impact of our work to end-user beneficiaries.

Panel Discussion Questions

I may be biased, but the best part of every event is the panel discussion. I LOVE being a part of a conversation with the most brilliant people that live and breath the topic at hand. I thought I’d breakdown the questions that our panellists will be answering next week and set the scene for whats to come….

How can businesses help with the fight against climate change?

We want to ask this question because climate change is the biggest problem facing the world and every person on the planet has a responsibility to fight against it. Not one person, stakeholder, organisation or solution is going to magically solve this crisis but coming together, collaborating and sharing experience/ideas/talents is the way to radically reverse the decline of our planet.  

We want people to come away from our events feeling empowered and positive to make actionable change as soon as their feet step outside the event into the real world. We know our panel can give those actionable insights, those feel-good wins, that could transform the mindsets and actions of the brands that join us.

What is the role of technology and innovation? Will this become more important in the future?

We know technology alone can’t solve climate change BUT we passionately believe it could be an important piece of the puzzle to set us on the right path. Exploring this with our panel of experts is the ultimate way to begin to flesh out what the future holds here, their experience of how technology and innovation has set them and their organisations apart and the importance of including it in your strategies if you wanna make some positive impact through your business!

How can organisations adopt technology to use it for good – where should they start?

We know our panellists are experienced at utilising the power of tech for good so what better people to uncover the details of the potential positive impact it can have, than the passionate experts themselves.

Examples of game changing technology that is helping the population be more sustainable

We love connecting our network with more positive, for good, people and products. This question always gives me the tingles because even being in the industry, the sector changes so much and insights like this ensure you can keep your finger on the pulse. What is new? How are organisations utilising game changing tech?

With the event itself only a week away, we can’t wait to hear from our amazing panellists and to talk tech for good! This is a massively important topic to us, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to all meet together in London to share ideas and network.

To ensure our event does not impact the planet, we will be off-setting every attendee and panellist’s carbon footprint from their travels to and from the event. If you are coming, just make sure to scan the QR code and fill out the form to off-set your travel.

Watch this space for takeaways from our event next week!

Published on July 8, 2022, last updated on July 12, 2022

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